The image shows the adorable dog.(Twitter/@dog_rates)
The image shows the adorable dog.(Twitter/@dog_rates)

Tweeple cannot decide if this is a doggo or Oreo ice-cream. What do you think?

What team are you on? Doggo or ice-cream?
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Sanya Budhiraja
PUBLISHED ON MAY 30, 2020 08:09 PM IST

If you’re a doggo content enthusiast, like ourselves, you may be aware of the much appreciated trend that compares different canines to food items. From sleeping pupper or bagel to labradoodle or fried chicken, this is a genre that just keeps on giving. Well, if you’re a fan of any of those comparisons, get ready to be amazed as we present to you: pooch or Oreo ice-cream?

These two photos were shared on Twitter on May 28. Posted to almost everyone’s favourite Twitter account, ‘we rate dogs’, the images have been captioned, “For the last time, we only rate dogs. Whoever dropped a scoop of Oreo ice cream on the floor please come pick it up. Thank you... 13/10”.

The pictures showcase a pupper with a grey-and-white fur-coat. However, squint a little and you may think it is a scoop of Oreo ice cream. Check out the shots below to decide whether you’re team doggo or team ice-cream.

Since being shared the tweet has amassed almost 18,500 retweets and nearly 2 lakh well-deserving likes.

Here is what tweeple had to say about this doggo who is doubling as a scoop of Oreo ice-cream. “What kind of dog is this?” inquired an individual. To which the original poster responded with, “That’s ice cream”.

Another person said, “You always say you only rate dogs but then you go ahead and rate Oreo ice cream... what are the people supposed to think?”. To which the ‘we rate dog’ admin replied, “I don’t even know anymore Colleen”. Honestly, we feel for them.

“Grabs a spoon,” read one comment. While another Twitter user jokingly stated, “No Nelson, don’t eat dog”.

What team are you on? Doggo or ice-cream?

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