The 39-year-old author had announced his fitness challenge online and achieved abs at the end of it
The 39-year-old author had announced his fitness challenge online and achieved abs at the end of it

HT Brunch Social Media Star of The Week: Ravinder Singh

The author honoured his commitment to drop body fat despite pressures to keep healthy during the second Covid wave
By Shruti Nair
PUBLISHED ON MAY 30, 2021 06:58 AM IST

The HT Brunch Social media star of the Week is popular Indian fiction author and meme creator, Ravinder Singh, 39, who stuck to a 60-day workout journey to get himself a set of visible abs despite the Covid second wave. “When I started working out, getting abs was part of my goal,” says Ravinder, who has 133k followers on Instagram. The author announced his fitness challenge on his social media handle in March and despite the rise in cases, it did not deter him. “I decided to challenge myself for a 30-day period. But, once I started, I doubled it.”

Chai and why

Ravinder has maintained a healthy lifestyle, so one may think the challenge wasn’t much of a stretch. “My job is to sit, write and edit and I drink multiple rounds of tea, which means I consume lots of sugar. It was difficult to give up tea,” he confesses.

Nothing could tempt Ravinder to make severe changes to his diet. “My diet was about low carbs and zero sugar. Before the challenge, I’d eat 7 chapatis in a day, which I brought down to 2 chapatis.” For immunity, he consumed multi-vitamins, minerals and had “kaadha as well as lots of dry fruit for good fat and protein.”

Ravinder, the Geriatric Millennial
Ravinder, the Geriatric Millennial

In case he fell ill, Ravinder also had a diet to fall back on. “Then, I might have switched my low-carb diet by eating a few more chapatis till I recovered, but that did not happen,” he says, asserting he wouldn’t compromise on his health for fitness.

Pandemic playback

The author had done a similar challenge in 2019, but this year more people dropped out towards the fag end because of personal issues caused by Covid, he says. “My book had been stalled due to the lockdown and the challenge seemed like a ray of hope amidst everything happening around me. Plus, working out only helps build immunity,” he adds.

His motivation came from the fact that he had announced the challenge online and a lot of people were participating with him to become fitter. “My motive was not only to encourage people to get fitter but also to keep myself going. I knew if I falter, they would hold me accountable and it mattered apart from the fear of my trainer,” he shares.

His original plan was to show off his abs on a beach. “That’s been foiled!” he grins.

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From HT Brunch, May 30, 2021

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