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Beauty tips: Here's how much should you invest in a skincare routine

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
May 26, 2022 03:28 PM IST

Are you a beginner to skincare with no skin concerns? Are you struggling with skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation? Here's all you need to know about how much should you invest in a skincare routine, as revealed by skin and beauty experts

Good skincare is crucial to maintaining skin glow, health and beauty as you are shedding your skin throughout the day thus, it is inevitable to check your skin followed by good care, a cosmetologist visit and the correct product application as recommended by the experts. However, it is a vital regime to visit a cosmetologist if you experience any signs or symbols of unhealthy skin.

Beauty tips: Here's how much should you invest in a skincare routine (Photo by Cherrydeck on Unsplash)
Beauty tips: Here's how much should you invest in a skincare routine (Photo by Cherrydeck on Unsplash)

An effective skincare routine helps your skin stay in good condition and also treats the conditions like acne, blemishes, wrinkles, and sunspots at the same time. To look your best means you should have to follow the expert/cosmetologist's suggestions and investing time, cost, and energy is a worthy decision but how much should you invest in a skincare routine?

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In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Karishma Kagodu, Plastic Surgeon, Founder and Managing Director of Dr. Karishma's Aesthetics (Kaesthetics), advised, “As a skincare expert/cosmetologist, I would suggest using less stuff to breathe your skin but do not forget to wear the basics for skin health, i.e., serum, moisturizer, sunscreen and the first on the list is a mild cleanser as per your skin type. Only three to four products are enough for a good skincare routine. Besides that, one should not avoid the cosmetologist/dermatologist visit for customized recommendations based on skin type and texture.”

She cautioned, “Most people get lured by marketing gimmicks and they start choosing skincare products on their behalf. That is an unhealthy behaviour; it can give you unnecessary breakouts, acne and dryness. So, evaluate your skin first under the cosmetologist's supervision and only go for any products. Everyone is different and has a different skin type; however, following or using something based on an Instagram ad or mall trial is not recommended. Instead, it would help if you had good skincare advice.”

Bringing her expertise to the same, Dr Manasi Shirolikar, Consultant Dermatologist and Founder of Online Consulting Brand, suggested, “If you are a beginner to skincare with no skin concerns, you need not put in much. You can start off with the absolute basics i.e. a cleanser, moisturiser and a sunscreen. However, if you are struggling with concerns such as acne, pigmentation, etc - you would need to incorporate 'actives' along with the basics. The best person to help you with this would be your dermatologist. This will avoid any product trial and error, therefore saving money in the long run.”

She added, “Strictly speaking about investment, I am of the opinion that facewashes are one of the places you can save on. You can opt for simple drugstore ones that are typically below 100- 150. Sunscreens are a place I prefer to spend on because finding a sunscreen that you like is really important since you have to apply and reapply it every single day. Similarly, with actives, sometimes the right ones are a bit expensive but they do provide the best results for your skin. The best practice is to always discuss your budget with your dermatologist so they can help you chart out a skincare routine accordingly!”

People often think that the more the expenses, the better the skincare product are but that is not the case. Skincare should be very personalized and customised and according to the skin analysis, you can add active ingredients to your regime.

According to Dr Debeshi Bhattacharjee, Clinical Cosmetologist and the Head and Founder of Lueur Aesthetics, “The main focus should be on your concerns correction, prevention and protection. That includes active ingredients-based serums, anything which isn't clogging pores, have anti-aging benefits and sunscreen is a must. In terms of investment, this can be applied two ways: in terms of money and even in terms of dedication. Investing time in your skincare and holistic approach is as important as applying skincare products. I always recommend getting a personalised skincare regime and doctor-tailored skincare routine for better results.”

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