Actor Saiee M Manjrekar
Actor Saiee M Manjrekar

I wear my mom’s 10-year-old garments: Saiee

We all want to know the right way to stay healthy, fit and beautiful
By Prerna Gauba
PUBLISHED ON APR 02, 2021 03:50 PM IST

We all want to know the right way to stay healthy, fit and beautiful. But one mantra that many won’t tell you is to not exhaust or pressurise yourself into it. Actor Saiee M Manjrekar spills the beans and tell us her fitness and beauty regime. “I workout five times a week. I start my day with cardio which means dancing for me. I like light weight training which usually is how my evening workout looks like,” confesses Saiee, daughter of the veteran actor Mahesh Manjrekar.

The Dabangg 3 star doesn’t believe in diets and calls them all fads. Skipping breakfast and having protein in supper is a mantra she follows. “I skip breakfast. Lunch is home cooked food like sabzi and jowar roti. In the evening I have Chach and a fruit. For night I have fish chicken egg or any source of protein. If j get a certain urge to eat something then I have it right aaay and don’t wait,” says Saiee who does believe in a balance diet and also giving into urges. She says rather than feeling guilty and punishing yourself, one should get up and do any kind of workout. The focus should be being fit and not thin. A tip that Saiee swears by is to not lose consistency and make sure you give your body one hour a day.

Talking about her beauty regime, she says “My mother can make a book out of kitchen remedies. She will make this paste of tomato and oats when I come home after shooting in the sun to remove tanning. Moisturising is most crucial I believe. A pack made of Haldi, dahi, Honey and sometimes sugar to scrub does wonders for the skin. I also put dahi and egg to my hair which really helps to give it the moisture and protein it needs,” recommends Saiee who loves to layer her clothes all the time. “ I’m obsessed with coats and jackets. I love layering. I’ll be sitting in a sauna and be wearing a jacket,” chuckles the 22-year-old actor who believes layering can help any look. Be it a simple tee with jeans or prints on prints look, a shrug or a jacket can add gravitas.

She promptly also tells us about how she picks the most fabulous garments and manages to stun all with her sartorial style. “I will pick something from my moms wardrobe something which is 10 years old and she use to wear it in college - that’s my style. I believe there are not enough thrift vintage stores in India while we must have them,” opines Saiee.

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