Multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces

Mar 28, 2022 12:56 PM IST

Multifunctional furniture serves more than just one purpose. It is a long-term investment, and adds great value to your home, whether it is a small space or a big one. We know you agree!

Love that beautiful vintage inspired wooden chair which transports you to a different era? What if it could store your books and magazines as well? Picking up furniture for a small space is always tricky. Shouldn’t your furniture solve the problem of space and look beautiful and classy too? When a piece of furniture goes beyond its singular purpose, it is worth buying.

Multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces
Multifunctional furniture ideas for small spaces

Multifunctional furniture is a great value add to your home, whether it is a small space or a big one. Serving more than just one purpose, multifunctional furniture is a long term investment. We know you agree!

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“Making furniture with multi purpose uses a part of your space is sure to raise the beauty bar of your home. It neglects the need of any of the extra furniture unless you want to add, and thus keeps your room appear spacious. The beauty of multifunctional furniture lies in the newness it brings to the space where it is added,” says Yash Kela, interior designer, Arrivae.

The growing emphasis on the minimal way of living and development of small-sized apartments, using multifunctional fixtures is plenty in vogue. The ultimate objective of multipurpose furniture is to declutter the space and enhance space utilization.

“Choosing furniture that maximises your available space does the trick. Choosing a multifunction item for each spot can create a lovely flair for the space,” adds Raghunandan Saraf,Founder and CEO, Saraf Furniture.

Follow these ideas to make your multi-functional furniture work smarter and we assure you, it will transform and adapt to fit your changing needs. Ashima Singla, Founder and CEO of Whispering Homes and Lokendra Singh Ranawat, CEO, WoodenStreet spill some tips

Update the existing sofa

Multifunctional furniture like a sofa cum bed is your best bet when it comes to updating the existing furniture. Replace your giant sofa set with a sofa cum bed which can give you the seating during the day and becomes a bed by night.

Cut the clutter at the coffee table

The top of the coffee table doesn’t deserve a pile of newspapers and magazines, instead, it should have a flower vase to make your home efficiently beautiful, as the name says. A multifunctional coffee table with storage can hide all the clutter inside, and such designs also come with tucked-in stool space, which further eliminates the use of extra seating units.

Get entertained at the right eye level

Wall-mounted tv unit comes right into the picture here. Level up your tv and have a dedicated space to keep all its essentials in place. This idea will allow you not to waste even a single inch of floor space, making the space as beautiful as it should be.

Two in one

A study table cum bookshelf will make the space more practical and less cluttered. An extendable dining table can work brilliantly well to accommodate all your guests.

And a storage bed is a necessity too. Don’t waste all that precious space under your bed. Invest in a sleeper couch and use it as a lounge chair, sofa, or a spare bed when a friend suddenly drops by. Purchase a side table with storage to tuck cords away safely, while you charge your devices.

Avoid bright colours

Furniture that is light-coloured, such as light green and brown, also significantly enhances the impression of a larger space. Whereas, brighter colours make smaller spaces appear smaller.

Let’s not forget the dining

Remember when you have the announced guests at home, and you are left with nothing but making half of the people adjust in other rooms for dinner? An extendable dining table can work brilliantly well in this.

Convertible sleeper seat-cum-bed

During the day, it can be used for reading a novel and at night it can be reclined to sleep in.Invest in a sleeper couch and use it as a lounge chair, sofa, or a spare bed when a friend suddenly drops by.

Side table with storage

All of us struggle with our charging wires and USBs. Purchase furniture with cable management systems to tuck cords away safely while you charge your devices.

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