Gandhi Jayanti 2022: Life lessons from Mahatma Gandhi that parents can teach their children

Published on Oct 01, 2022 11:46 AM IST

Gandhi Jayanti 2022: From perseverance to simplicity here are top five lessons from Gandhi Ji that parents can teach their children.

October 2 this year marks the 153rd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, here are top lessons from Gandhi ji that parents can teach kids(Wikipedia)
October 2 this year marks the 153rd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, here are top lessons from Gandhi ji that parents can teach kids(Wikipedia)

Gandhi Jayanti 2022: The occasion of Gandhi Jayanti is here to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary. He was referred to as Bapu and is regarded as the Father of the Nation. He was born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on October 2, 1869, and he went on to become a global icon who is adored and respected by people all over the world. The teachings of Mahatma Gandhi have inspired generations of people, including youngsters, in addition to the fact that he worked relentlessly for the nation's independence from British domination. He continues to inspire us in all facets of life, and his teachings are still imparted to young people and older generations. This day inspires feelings of nonviolence, justice, candour, peace, kindness, and a whole host of other qualities that today's children can benefit from. Here are the top five life lessons from Gandhi Ji that parents can teach their kids.

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Spread goodwill and love

Peace, love, and kindness are spread throughout the world, making it a better place to live. This process begins inside each person. Teach your children early on to understand and embrace love rather than to shy away from it. This will instill positive attitudes in them and as they grow up they would go on to spread compassion and love.

Simplicity is the key

You can be happy without material possessions. Gandhi ji was a person of great simplicity. He never led a luxurious life but was content and upbeat with whatever he had. The lesson here is to recognise that immaterial objects frequently carry more value than tangible ones. Parents should emphasise the fact to children that since human connections and relationships frequently result in our greatest happiness, they ought to be valued above all else. If you are unhappy, money and other goods are meaningless. His motto was "simple living, high thinking."

Choose the path of non-violence

Mahatma Gandhi's most important message to us was to constantly follow the path of non-violence. He thought that any problem could be resolved without using violence to gain an advantage or raise your voice. Non-violence, kindness, and empathy can be used to win battles and even wars. He was reminded to maintain composure, honesty, and kindness amid challenging circumstances. You may instill in your children the value of non-violence and the idea that not every circumstance calls for a response.

Always speak the truth

Bapu always believed in the power of truth. Sometimes kids lie, whether it's a small white lie or a lie by omission because they think it will keep them out of trouble. Teach your children to always own up to their mistakes and tell the truth since doing so will ultimately save them. It is always better to rebuild relationships by being willing to speak the truth even if it hurts it always wins.

Perseverance lead to success

It goes without saying that the path to liberation was difficult and tortuous, yet Mahatma Gandhi devoted years of his life to the cause. Many kids today lack the commitment and willpower to make a choice and stick with it or a lot of them have shorter attention spans and a propensity to become distracted. They can gain a lot from Mahatma Gandhi's tenacity, which allowed him to organise non-violent demonstrations that eventually assisted us in gaining independence from colonial tyranny. Parents and teachers encourage pupils to persevere in their studies since that is the only way a child can accomplish their long-term objectives.

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