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Grandparents Day 2022: Tips to strengthen bond with your grandparents

Sep 11, 2022 07:13 AM IST

Grandparents Day 2022: Grandparents play a unique and significant role in our lives. They share valuable guidance and shower unconditional love. However, due to our busy lives, we often ignore them. On this Grandparents Day, let's strengthen our bond with them by following these amazing tips.

Grandparents Day: The roots of the family are the grandparents. They have a wealth of information, experience, and knowledge. They understand life's dynamics and impart insightful life lessons to the younger generation in order to help them learn and develop. Grandparents are kids' best friends when it comes to having endless fun. They shower you with attention, care and love. According to a study conducted by the American Sociological Association (ASA), Grandparents and grandchildren have real, measurable effects on each other’s psychological well-being long into grandchildren’s adulthood. However, due to modern life, when children are living miles away from them due to work, study and other commitments, they are often been neglected. It is important to give them the care and attention they deserve. Here are some tips to better connect with your grandparents and strengthen your bond. (Also read: 6 ways to love your grandparents and make them feel special )

Grandparents Day: Tips to strengthen bond with your grandparents(pexels)
Grandparents Day: Tips to strengthen bond with your grandparents(pexels)

1. Stay in touch

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When you live far away from your grandparents, it might be challenging to spend quality time with them. Social media and other forms of technology, however, make communication more accessible, enjoyable, and easy. Your elderly loved ones can feel less alone if you make just one phone, one text, or one video chat per day. In order to interact with, engage, and educate your grandparents on something new, assist them if they aren't tech-savvy.

2. Listen to their advice and experiences

Your grandparents have been around a long time. Over the years, they have acquired a wealth of knowledge and some pearls of wisdom. Their experiences can assist you to avoid the mistakes they made when they were younger since sometimes they had to learn the hard way. Inquire about their struggles, setbacks, and victories in life.

3. Do some fun activities together

Doing some fun activities with your grandparents can strengthen your bond with them. For example, you may travel somewhere, play a game, cook with them, learn about their interests, or share your own. It's fun to catch people off guard occasionally. Perhaps you could make them a card out of pure love when they least expect it. They'll be thrilled to pieces over this. In fact, you can mail a card.

4. Tell stories

Grandparents in India are renowned for being natural storytellers who can tell wonderful tales from mythological epics. Listen to their stories and tell them stories from your own life that will make them smile. They will like hearing tales about you and your life. They will probably divulge information about their lives in return. It will be a great way to bond with your grandparents.

5. Look at family photos together

By looking at old family photos, you can take your grandparents on a trip down memory lane. Ask your grandparents to talk about their heritage and family history. Additionally, you can create a digital photo album of your family and a family tree. Learning about your family history, the characteristics you have in common with your ancestors, and what makes you who you are will be pleasant.

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