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Age-defying mind: Best ways to keep your brain young and healthy at workplace

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Feb 12, 2024 03:13 PM IST

Unlock productivity with these top strategies for maintaining a youthful and healthy brain in the workplace

It is no secret that maintaining an age-defying or youthful and healthy brain is essential for optimal performance and overall well-being in today's fast-paced work environments that need us to be on our toes 9 to 5, amid neck-breaking competition. If you are wondering about what holistic approaches individuals should adopt to nurture their brain health and thrive in the dynamic workplace environment, read on as we got you sorted with some expert advices.

Age-defying mind: Best ways to keep your brain young and healthy at workplace (Photo by Unsplash)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Sonal Arora, Country Manager at Gi Group Holding India, shared, “We advocate for a workplace that nurtures vibrant minds. Embracing a culture of continuous learning, cross-functional collaboration and diversity is not only impactful from a business perspective for the organisation but it also helps us remain agile as individuals. Further staying physically active, making right nutrition choices and engaging in mindfulness helps to manage stress and promote mental resilience. These steps go a long way and can help team members thrive during their professional journey. Encourage these holistic approaches to create an environment which helps to unlock innovation, boosts productivity and long-term cognitive vitality.”

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According to Atul Tiwari, Chief HR Officer at Spice Money, prioritising cognitive well-being (body, mind and soul), can help one embrace the elixir of a youthful mind within the confines of your workplace. He suggetsed, “Nurture your brain's vitality through a symphony of mindful practices. Meditation is the proven tool for this. Exercise the mental muscles with diverse tasks, fostering adaptability and resilience. Engage in lifelong learning, cultivating a garden of knowledge that continuously flourishes. Prioritise quality sleep to allow the brain's intricate processes to rejuvenate, fortifying cognitive function.”

He added, “Savour the nourishment of a balanced diet, feeding your brain the nutrients it craves for sustained performance. Seamlessly integrate moments of mindfulness into your workday, allowing your mind to recharge amidst the hustle. Foster social connections, as meaningful interactions stimulate cognitive health. A fun way to protect your brain is to have a good laugh. Finally, harmonize work and leisure, balancing challenges with moments of relaxation, creating a symmetrical dance that keeps the brain agile and vibrant. In the workplace, let the melody of these practices compose a timeless ode to the enduring youthfulness of your mind.”

Recognising the pivotal role that a vibrant and resilient mind plays in the overall wellness of employees, Mugdha Mahambrey, Assistant General Manager – Human Resources at Chalet Hotels Limited, advised, “Consistently focus on integrating simple yet impactful practices into the daily work routine. Prioritise regular breaks, engage in stimulating activities, foster a positive work environment and embrace continuous learning that are vital components to help us contribute to creating youthful and agile minds within our workforce.”

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