Happy Mother's Day 2021(Unsplash)
Happy Mother's Day 2021(Unsplash)

Happy Mother's Day: Healthy tips to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 the right way

  • Happy Mother’s Day 2021: This Mother’s Day, let’s look at five healthy tips to celebrate the right way and encourage her to adopt a much needed healthy lifestyle that she deserves.
By hindustantimes.com | Edited by Alfea Jamal, Hindustan Times, Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 08, 2021 02:02 PM IST

The job of a mother has always been challenging, but in this modern world where we are still reeling under the effects of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, this role has become even more challenging with mothers having to balance their daily routine and also juggling between professional life and taking care of their family. While they may take care of every single detail at home, from food to cleanliness, all the time nurturing her loved ones, mothers tend to overlook their own health, nutrition and mental well-being that stand out to be very important in the current scenario. And while we can treat our moms to the usual breakfast in bed, Mother's Day card, flowers and gifts, let's take some real initiative to ensure they also get healthier. This Mother’s Day, let’s look at five healthy tips to celebrate the right way and encourage her to adopt a much needed healthy lifestyle that she deserves. Read on:

Swap Sugar with 100% Pure Honey

Regulate her sugar intake as a conscious change towards a healthier lifestyle. Pure honey helps in weight management, immunity boosting and skin rejuvenation. Honey in its purest form is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial thus helps fight infections. While honey is a common ingredient found in most Indian households, we may all not be consuming organic and pure honey, and it is equally important for us to check its purity standards. A few tips on selecting the purest quality honey- look for FSSAI approved honey, choose honey with a NMR approved mark i.e. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology which ensures unadulterated honey including no added sugar ensuring 100% purity.

It is also Versatile in nature, can be used in baking, dressings, marinades, sauces in all sorts of savory and sweet dishes. Pure Honey has always been a superfood which our dadis and nanis recommended for healthy concoctions since it has great medicinal properties which are excellent for both immunity boosting as well as over-all wellness. You can also add it to your tea, green tea, turmeric milk (haldi dudh) and in all the immunity booster shots like honey in a glass of warm water, a few drops of lemon, half inch of ginger, ¼ tsp turmeric and a pinch of black pepper to keep viral infections at bay.

Detox with Oil Pulling

While our moms keep making immunity boosting kadhas, for us to ensure our good health in these times we should make it a point to introduce our mothers to Oil Pulling, an ancient Ayurvedic method to swishing oil in our mouth and ‘pulling’ the bacteria out and thereby ensuring a good oral hygiene. While this method stands to be from our ancient Ayurvedic roots, it has gained immense importance in the current scenario. We can also opt for Virgin Cold Pressed Oil that contains a rich amount of MCT’s that help in easy digestion and boosts the immunity system. It is also a really great fix for weight management, heart and liver health. Several studies have also found evidence which shows that consumption of Virgin Cold Pressed Oil may help prevent dementia, Alzheimer's disease, although this is disputed.

Rejuvenate with Green Coffees

As much as our mothers love their go-to traditional ginger-masala tea, it is important to also include a healthier refreshing and healthy option to their regular chai breaks. Encourage her to include green coffee to her daily routine to help her stay fresh, and healthy. Unlike our regular coffees, these are not roasted, and hence have three times more antioxidants which are otherwise lost in the roasting process. They are also a rich source of metabolism boosters and antioxidants to help us in weight management, immunity boosting and overall physical wellbeing. Additionally, starting her day with this hot cuppa' will surely help her relax and soothe her senses as the modern-day superwoman gets ready to take on new challenges every day.

Exercise is a must!

Exercise helps to stay fit and healthy and lowers the risk of some disease. In addition, exercise has also been proven to lower our risks of depression, improves mental well-being which is just as important for overall health! Look out for online Yoga classes, Zumba sessions or even simple exercises at home which is very crucial in current times. Follow the norms of frequent handwashing, physical distancing, double mask and maintaining a balanced diet to improve immunity.

Super-foods for the Superwoman

The new normal has made our mothers even stronger, we need to make sure her health is a priority to be able to always put her best foot forward. Add some super-foods to her diet like lightly roasted and powdered flax seeds, commonly known as alsi. These teeny-tiny nutritional powerhouses, packed with fiber, and nutritional elements to help you balance her diet and enhance her health like none other. Amla, being the richest source of vitamin C is packed with many other vitamins and minerals and offers twice the Vitamin C than an orange. Amla is an effective immune booster, hair nourisher and also effective in controlling blood glucose and blood cholesterol levels.

While we all celebrate our mothers and their motherhood that enables us to stay safe and happy in such difficult times, it’s time we give them a warm hug filled with healthy habits to make sure they put themselves first and continue being the bond of love that gels our families together.

(With inputs from Sheryl Salis, Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator)

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