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Signs of growth and healing: Therapist explains

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Aug 25, 2023 01:15 PM IST

From being more self-aware to having emotional resilience, here are a few signs of growth and healing.

It is important to embrace growth and positivity in life. Sometimes, this process can be extremely difficult and tiring, especially because it involves coming out of the comfort zone and focusing on ourselves. "Self-development, looking at your stuff, healing and growing is not always smooth sailing. In fact, it can be really tough sometimes (and feel like it’s never ending) so I find it helpful to stop and reflect on how far I’ve already come. It’s beneficial to pause and express gratitude and appreciate for all the work you’ve done, how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown," wrote Therapist Lucille Shackleton as she explained the signs of growth and healing.

Signs of growth and healing: Therapist explains(Unsplash)
Signs of growth and healing: Therapist explains(Unsplash)

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Self-awareness: Becoming more aware of thoughts, emotions, habits, behaviors and patterns helps in understanding ourselves better.

Emotional resilience: Being less reactive in difficult situations and understanding the emotions that we are going through, and knowing how to address them in healthier ways is important for healing.

Empathy and compassion: Growth involves understanding different perspectives and being welcoming to others and their opinions, without having to agree with them at all times.

Increased openness: Stepping out of the comfort zone and embracing change is the sign of a growth mindset.

Healthy boundaries: When we start to embrace growth and healing, we also understand the importance of setting healthy boundaries for ourselves and others.

Positive relationships: Letting go of the relationships that are harmful for us and surrounding ourselves with people who motivate us and encourage our growth.

Personal responsibilities: Owning to the mistakes we have made and understanding the responsibilities we have and fulfilling them with dedication is a part of growth.

Mindfulness: We try to live more for the present than worrying about the future. We also try to make ourselves happy and choose what is healthy for ourselves.

Sense of joy: When we start to heal and grow, we also experience more moments of joy and happiness – this happens because we focus more on the positive side of life than dwelling on sadness.

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