Simple daily habits for staying motivated and happy

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
May 09, 2023 01:01 PM IST

Staying motivated and happy is important for overall well-being and fulfillment in life. This Tuesday, here are some daily strategies that can help

Motivation and happiness are ongoing processes that require consistent effort and self-reflection and by implementing certain strategies or adapting some simple daily habits to your unique circumstances, you can cultivate a motivated and happy mindset. This is because staying motivated and happy is important for overall well-being and fulfillment in life.

Simple daily habits for staying motivated and happy (Photo by Anna Fothergill on Unsplash)
Simple daily habits for staying motivated and happy (Photo by Anna Fothergill on Unsplash)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Kashvi Jindal, Founder of Invest The Change and Co-Founder of The Youth Platform, shared, “Staying motivated and happy is a vital part of an individual’s life in order to be successful and achieve desired goals. Motivation and happiness are the two things that facilitate a person in leading an elegant lifestyle.” He suggested five daily habits for staying motivated and happy -

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  • Morning routine: A person should wake up early especially on weekdays as the extra hours can help them in conducting a few more tasks including hitting the gym, taking showers, and eating a healthy breakfast. This will help them in staying motivated and happy throughout the day.
  • Healthy Diet: The eating habits of a person help him in being happy as nutritious food gives good fuel to your body. Some foods that consist of omega 3 also increase the level of happy hormones in your brain such as salmon.
  • Meditation: A person should spare at least 15 minutes in the whole day for meditation as it boosts the concentration level. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing stress and depression.
  • Setting new goals: In order to achieve big goals, an individual should set daily goals for himself. Accomplishing daily goals will help the person in staying motivated and focused toward his end goal.
  • Be a learner: A person should always try to learn new things instead of restricting themselves. The learning doesn’t stop after graduating. Learning new things keeps a person motivated and happy.

Adding to the list of daily habits, Vasuki Punj, Co-Founder of Frozen Fun, recommended:

1) Make sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. It is non-negotiable.

2) Exercise and if possible spending time in nature are hugely valuable in making you feel motivated and happy.

3) To stay motivated with your long-term goals and become successful with them, you should set short-term goals and plan your day accordingly.

4) And when you do achieve them, make it a habit to celebrate your small wins and reward yourself.

5) Lastly, surround yourself with positive people and invest in relationships that inspire you.

According to Monica K Dhawan, Managing Director of Fusion Corporate Solutions, asserted that your life's success is not influenced by your gender, age or geographic region but your habits. Encouraging to stay motivated and happy, she insisted to try inculcating:

  • Optimism: One of the most important things is to start your day on an optimistic note. Take a few minutes to meditate, practice gratitude, or simply take a few deep breaths to center yourself and set an intention for the day ahead. Start by saying “I am the best”; “I am going to do it”
  • Dreams and Goals: Break down your larger dreams and goals for life into smaller daily doses and go after them. The dreams give you the wings and goals the force to achieve them.
  • Energise yourself: To stay happy one needs to have the energy. Have a balanced diet, exercise your mind and body, get proper sleep at night and practice meditation. This is the mantra to stay healthy and energetic.
  • Collaborate and empower: It is all about a good team be it personal or professional. Collaborate with people, empower them so that they are able to take risks, commit mistakes, learn from them and move ahead towards the desired goal of happiness. Take out time for your TEAM every day.
  • Compassion and humility: Feeling for others, empathising with them, being tolerant and humble is the only way to stay connected with a reservoir of energy. Happiness flows from connectivity and togetherness. If you make the above a habit there is no way success and happiness will elude you and keep you motivated always.

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