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What is hair botox? Is this breakthrough hair care treatment really worth the beauty hype?

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Mar 12, 2024 08:34 PM IST

Is hair botox the secret to stronger, healthier hair? Know all about the breakthrough hair care treatment and if it's really worth the beauty hype

Today's women are increasingly prioritising safety for both hair and scalp but with quick application that promises long-lasting results, which leads them to opt for chemical treatments that deliver shiny, straight and easily manageable hair. Keratin, Botox and Cysteine are amidst the array of hair treatments promising one-time solutions for manageable locks and claim to be safe and offer enduring results for your hair but not all the treatments live up to their promises, which ends up resulting in hair fall, hair thinning or scalp allergies.

What is hair botox? Is this breakthrough hair care treatment really worth the beauty hype? (Photo by Patricinha Esperta)

This brings us to a crucial question - Is hair botox a breakthrough treatment or beauty industry hype? Is it really a miracle treatment and game-changer that is worth the buzz or just a marketing gimmick?

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In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Trishna Gupte, Clinical Cosmetologist, Trichologist, Founder and Owner of The Cosmo-Square Clinic, ISCA, shared, “Patients are often recommended to consider Hair Botox treatment in salons for issues such as hair fall, breakage and dry, frizzy hair. Hair Botox treatment can indeed add volume and smooth out hair texture. However, it is important to be aware of the associated costs, as this treatment involves chemical processes that may lead to long-term side effects.”

Cautioning that these can potentially have side effects including increased hair fall, hair thinning, allergies for those with already dry and sensitive scalps and hair whitening, the hair health expert revealed, “Opting for clinical treatments like PRP hair and mesotherapy, under the guidance of a doctor, is a preferable approach when addressing hair thinning. Hair issues can stem from factors like poor nutrition or hormonal imbalances. A healthcare professional can conduct a thorough examination of the scalp and hair condition, order blood work if necessary, and prescribe medications to address deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.”

Dr Trishna Gupte concluded, “Clinical and safe treatments like PRP hair, which involves growth factors, and mesotherapy for hair can be recommended by a doctor to improve thinning. These treatments, when combined with mild laser therapy, are both safe and effective in stimulating and strengthening the hair.”

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