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Saturday, Feb 29, 2020


Feb 23, 2020 16:30
Switching to a rich diet after eating a restricted one can decrease life expectancy, and have negative health effects, according to a study in fruit flies which says changing diet repeatedly or abruptly may be harmful. read more
Feb 18, 2020 15:04
The study suggests that people who engage in daily physical exercises are happier than those who do not irrespective of the wealth that they possess. read more
Feb 15, 2020 15:49
It turns out that what works for the West may not work best for you. Gut bacteria varies from culture to culture, and scientists are only now unravelling the implications of this. read more
Feb 15, 2020 15:33
The singer-composer talks fitness, happiness, and how meditation makes him more creative. read more
Feb 11, 2020 11:25
The awareness among smokers about the ill effects of their habit can be made more accurate if they are given the opportunity to discuss their ideas and experiences with other people, who can either be smokers or non-smokers. read more
Feb 09, 2020 13:18
Children’s vulnerability towards depression, anxiety, impulsive behaviour, and poor cognitive performance could be determined by considering the hours of sleep they manage to get. read more
Feb 08, 2020 15:30
We bring to you some quirky recipes, that will not only make you feel better about yourself, but will also leave an after taste, that you will remember for a long time to come. read more
Feb 06, 2020 17:11
Only if your digestive system is in great shape, doctors say. read more
Feb 04, 2020 14:14
Forget the random number and do as many steps as you can. read more
Jan 29, 2020 12:04
Actors including Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and Karan Johar have spoken publically about their battle with mental health illnesses, enabling others to shed the taboo. read more
Jan 24, 2020 18:19
When you’re asleep, the body needs to focus on rest and repair. In addition, your basal metabolic rate drops, further hampering digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. read more
Jan 22, 2020 13:04
Parents, if your kids throw attitude and do not listen to you despite repeated warnings at home, it is time to check the quality of their food as microbiome in the gut plays a key role in deciding kids’ behaviour. read more
Jan 18, 2020 19:22
Step out, look up and de-stress. Doctors say the need for screen-free time in the open air has become more urgent than ever. read more
Jan 18, 2020 19:19
Do you wake up exhausted even after eight hours of sleep? Clock in to your circadian rhythm and REM cycles to make the most of your shut-eye. read more
Jan 18, 2020 18:48
The National Award winner says she keeps her diet simple, fresh and wholesome, and de-stresses by spending time with her nephew and niece. read more