Rogani Gosht Korma
Rogani Gosht Korma

Eid Mubarak Recipe: Relish this finger-licking Rogani Gosht Korma for Eid 2021

  • Soft pieces of mutton cooked in a spicy and rich curry of onions, tomatoes, chillis and cashews, what more could one want on Eid? Check out this simple recipe and wow your loved ones with your culinary skills this Eid 2021..
By, Hindustan Times, Delhi
PUBLISHED ON MAY 11, 2021 08:03 PM IST

After a month of fasting from dawn to dusk, it is only obvious that most of those who were fasting during the month of Ramadan (also spelled Ramzan) will be unleashed on the day of Eid, which is a celebration that not only marks the end of Ramadan but is also a day of feasting for followers of Islam around the world. However, whether you observed fasts or not, this delicious and rich Gosht (mutton) Korma does not need any excuse to be whipped up.

Soft pieces of mutton (or lamb) cooked in a spicy curry of onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and chilli, made rich with the taste of cashewnuts, what more could one want from a traditional Mughlai recipe? Check out this simple recipe and wow your loved ones with your culinary skills this Eid 2021..


Mutton curry cut with bone – 500 Gms

Onion – 500 Gms

Tomato puree – 250 ml

Ginger – 75 Gms

Garlic – 75 Gms

Fresh coriander leaves – 50 Gms

Cashewnut – 75 Gms

Grated coconut (Dry) – 50 Gms (optional)

Curd – 50 Gms

Deggi chili / Kashmiri chili powder – 20 Gms

Coriander powder – 25 Gms

Cumin powder 10 Gms

Garam masala powder – 5 Gms

Bay leaf – 5 Gms

Black cardamom – 10 Gms

Salt – as per taste

Oil – 250 ml


Clean, wash and rinse mutton pieces. Marinate mutton with curd and salt for an hour.

Peel onion and cut into very thin slices.

Peel garlic, wash and clean ginger. Grind it to a fine paste.

Wash coriander leaves and chop finely.

Deep fry sliced onions to golden brown color and grind it to a fine paste.

Deep fry cashewnut to golden brown color and grind it to a fine paste by adding water.

Roast grated coconut on dry pan and make a fine powder without adding water.

Heat oil in pan, add bay leaves and black cardamom. Let it crackle.

Add ginger garlic paste and fry till the moisture is evaporated.

Add tomato puree and fry till it saturates in the pan.

Add coconut powder and fry further till coconut releases its own oil.

Add marinated mutton and slit green chilies. Fry on slow flame till the meat is well browned.

Add deggi chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder and let the meat get roasted with spices for couple of minutes.

Add brown onion paste, cashewnut paste and mix well.

Cover the vessel with lid on slow flame and allow the juices to come from the meat itself.

Add 300 ml of hot water. Add salt. Cover with lid and cook the meat till soft and tender.

Served hot garnished with chopped coriander. This preparation can be best served with tawa parathas or jeera pulao. Enjoy with your loved ones!

(Recipe courtesy Chef Sidney Dcunha, Executive Chef, Conrad Pune)

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