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Take a summer day and make it better with homemade Mango Malai Kulfi: Recipe inside

By, Delhi
Jun 10, 2024 08:15 PM IST

Here's a super easy and fun way of preparing Mango Malai Kulfis at home and reliving the best summer days of childhood.

With the summer getting out of hand and us suffering in the smoldering heat, it is the summer fruits we are turning to for solace. From mangoes to litchis to watermelons, summer fruits are the only reason why we wait for the summer season. These seasonal fruits are tasty and juicy, and flexible to be used in experimental dishes. Be it ripe or unripe, mangoes are a favourite in every cuisine. From desserts to curries to drinks, mangoes rule the summer platter and for all the right reasons. Mango kulfis remind us of the school memories when we would come out of the school gate to relish kulfis with our friends. Even though we cannot get back to the school days of our lives, we can relive a bit of those days with Mango Malai Kulfi which we can prepare at home.

We have curated the perfect recipe to make these Mango Malai Kulfis at home and relish with your loved ones.(Kunal Kapur)

We have curated the perfect recipe to make these Mango Malai Kulfis at home and relish with your loved ones. Take a look.

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Milk, full fat – 1 lt reduce to 400 ml

Mango, medium – 1 no (250 gms pulp)

Sugar – ¼ cup / 4 tbsp

Custard Powder – 1 tbsp (optional)

Yellow Food Colour – a drop (optional)


Basil seeds (soaked)

Almonds, Slivers

Pista slivers


Tutti frutti

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Take a pan and pour one liter of milk. Then slowly reduce it to 400 ml. We need to constantly keep stirring to avoid sticking or burning. In a separate pan, make the mango puree and cook it slightly, and then add to the milk. Keep stirring and cook for about five minutes to infuse the flavour of the mango with the milk. The add ¼ cup of sugar and keep stirring till the sugar dissolves. Then add a tablespoon of custard powder for added thickness. For a vibrant hue, we can add a drop of yellow food colouring. In the kulfi molds, pour the mango mixture and insert kulfi sticks or ice cream sticks in the molds. Then refrigerate the molds for at least six hours, or overnight, to get the perfect Mango malai Kulfis. After the kulfis are set, take the molds and run warm water on them briefly to take the Kulfis out of the molds. Sprinkle basil seeds, almonds slivers, pista slivers, chopped mangoes and tutti frutti on the kulfis and serve chilled.

(Recipe: Kunal Kapur, Chef)

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