5 reasons why women fall out of love

Oct 07, 2022 05:31 PM IST

Falling out of love is a painful process. Expert on reasons a woman commonly opts out of a relationship.

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling and in the company of the right person, we start loving ourselves even more. But things reverse when a person falls out of love. It is painful to realise that the relationship in which we invested so much is falling apart and we begin to dislike a part of us and it is long before one heals from a breakup. Men and women may start to lose interest in a relationship for different reasons. (Also read: Why women continue to stay with men who cheat; expert offers insight)

. Communication for a woman is one of the most important things.(Pexels)
. Communication for a woman is one of the most important things.(Pexels)

Communication for a woman is one of the most important things. To make her feel special every day, all that is needed is to ask her about her day and inquire about the little things that may get unnoticed by others. Lack of communication is one of the reasons a woman may feel trapped in a relationship. Another reason could be having unrealistic expectations from then which may leave them disenchanted in long run.

"We are taught how to study, tie our shoes laces but no one ever taught us how to work on a relationship and especially romantic relationships. Falling in love is always beautiful and if that beautiful feeling remains, there is nothing more magical or fulfilling than that. There may be many valid reasons for falling out of love as a woman," says Arouba Kabir, Mental Health counselor & Founder, Enso Wellness.

- Lack of communication: Communication issues is among the primary reasons for a relationship falling apart. It is important to nurture each other emotionally and that requires kind and thoughtful words.

-Unrealistic expectations: Expecting other person to fulfil all your needs or understand you without having it communicated or expressed can kill a relationship.

-Loss of intimacy. Decline in physical intimacy, which may mean less foreplay, less sex or not desiring sex, less post-coital affection, or other losses in terms of physical intimacy or emotional intimacy where they do not feel safe emotionally being vulnerable or feel the partner doesn't express themselves

-Loss of trust and respect. Is your partner reliable or respect you? Do you respect them? Are you being honest with each other? These are some of the important questions to ask when reflecting over a failed relationship.

-Negative views of the self: Poor self-image, self-esteem and feeling like a failure could make you fall out of love. Maybe it is an outcome of being rejected by someone whom you at one point trusted as a child or young adult. People's self-esteem may take a major hit during the process of falling out of love.

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