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How to stop cheating on your partner; expert suggests 5 ways

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Feb 02, 2023 04:41 PM IST

If you have been cheating on your partner but want to prioritise your current relationship, here are the top 5 tips to get rid of this behaviour.

Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian with multiple women while the TV star and model was pregnant with their daughter. Aditya Pancholi was married to Zarina Wahab when he had an affair with Kangana Ranaut. Extra-marital relationships are becoming more common and multiple studies say that there are many reasons people cheat on their partners and they range from lack of love, need for variety, low commitment, sexual desire, circumstances to even ease of meeting new people in the internet age. However, this can leave a deep psychological scar on the one being cheated and even if the partner decides to stay in a relationship or marriage, things are seldom the same. If you are someone who has cheated in the past for reasons you are not convinced about, but want to modify this behaviour, here are some tips from a relationship expert for you. (Also read: Why do men and women cheat in a marriage? Here's what a relationship expert says)

How to stop cheating on your partner; expert suggests 5 ways(Freepik)
How to stop cheating on your partner; expert suggests 5 ways(Freepik)

"As one of the most intimate connections in life, romantic relationships are built together with mutual time, love, respect, and trust. When someone cheats, they break the trust and commitment that is fundamental for a mature, loving relationship and further create an unfair environment for everyone involved. Over the years the concept of monogamy has gone through a massive shift. People in long-lasting relationships are beginning to acknowledge the difficulties of staying physically and emotionally faithful to just one partner “till death tear us apart”. People are overstimulated by inputs about the benefits of experimenting with multiple partners, and therapy-stars such as Esther Perel and others have been advocating for non-monogamous forms of relationships on Ted Talks and social media. Even celebs and stars are outing about polyamory or having an open marriage. In this context more and more people are wondering if the traditional monogamous formula is good for them. Especially if they find themselves already unsatisfied in their marriage," says Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager India Gleeden.

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It has been observed that many people cheat because they feel unfulfilled emotionally or sexually and they long for novelty or excitement outside their current relationship. In addition, the feeling of being neglected or unsupported in the current relationship or if they are struggling with personal or relationship issues could also be some significant reasons for infidelity.

"Some people may also deal with sexual necessities or fantasies that their current partner doesn’t want or can’t satisfy. With more and more people being spoilt for choice and social media being extremely accessible to meet new people, cheating is more approachable than ever," says Sybil.

If you see yourself navigating the tendency to cheat or know anyone in a similar situation, here are the top 5 expert tips by Sybil on how you can prioritise your current relationship:

1. Understand Yourself

Before running around finding answers in others, take some time to sit in solace and understand yourself and what it is that you truly want. What are your core values and what direction do you want to take your life into? This will help you identify your needs. Seeking professional help, alone or together with your partner, can further ease this process.

2. Identify the problem areas

If there is something that bothers you in your current relationship, make sure you analyse those and get to the root cause. Situations can be tricky for both partners sometimes and many problems may just be a simple misunderstanding.

3. Communicate

Once you identify what’s pulling the relationship apart, communicate that with your partner and try to resolve the matter. Communication is key. If you are having troubles communicating, therapy can help.

4. Build honest and respectable boundaries for yourself and others

For someone who tends to cheat, it is very important to follow a disciplined approach by being clear about your practices and setting healthy boundaries for yourself.

5. Develop your priorities and follow them

Once you have worked on yourself, your habits, and clear and honest communication patterns between you and your partner then maintaining a loving relationship will slowly become your number one priority.

And also consider that, according to your needs as a couple and to the findings at the end of this path, opening the couple can become a solution you both mutually agree upon.

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