How to teach kids about body safety and consent: Therapist shares tips

Published on Nov 02, 2022 10:10 AM IST

From teaching correct anatomical names of the body parts to instilling concepts of consent, here’s what we can teach our kids about body safety and consent from an early age.

How to teach kids about body safety and consent: Therapist shares tips(Unsplash)
How to teach kids about body safety and consent: Therapist shares tips(Unsplash)
ByTapatrisha Das

A big part of parenting involves teaching the kids how to keep themselves safe. Over the years of growing up, parents need to ensure that the childhood of their kids are safe, happy and pleasant to be remembered by. Hence, we also need to make them learn the tips and tricks of body safety and how consent should be practised. Dr Jazmine McCoy, Psychologist, keeps sharing such important insights related to child growth and parenting on her Instagram profile on a regular basis. In her recent Instagram post, she addressed the importance of teaching kids about body safety and consent and wrote, “This process begins in the toddler years with correct anatomical language and should be an ongoing conversation. All the discussions mentioned are appropriate to for kids ages 3-5.”

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Dr Jazmine McCoy further noted down steps of how to introduce such concepts to kids from an early age:

Correct anatomical names: From toddler age, parents should teach the correct anatomical names of the private parts to their kids so that it is easier for them to communicate about uncomfortable touch to their parents.

Body boundaries: Everyone has their own concepts of body bubble and hence, the importance of concept should be taught to kids so that they learn to say no when someone tries to come inside their bubble.

Explain private parts: Be it the areas covered in bathing suit or the mouth, explain and label the private parts for the kids so that they can learn from an early age.

Boss of the body: Teach the kids that they need to own their body and they are the boss of it. They have the right to protect their body from anything that may come their way.

Types of touch: Safe and unsafe touches, good and bad touches – these concepts should be taught t kids from the age of 3.

Boundaries: From respecting other’s body boundaries to knowing their own, it is important to teach these concepts to children.

Trusted adults: label the adults that they can trust with opening up and communicating about their discomfort about body safety.

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