What is rupture and repair? Why do they occur in relationships? - Hindustan Times

What is rupture and repair? Why do they occur in relationships?

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Oct 07, 2023 02:52 PM IST

From listening actively to meeting halfway, here are a few healthy ways to repair ruptures in a relationship.

Rupture is a natural part in any relationship. Especially in long-term relationships, conflicts and fights are normal to happen. Contrary to popular beliefs, rupture in a relationship is actually healthy because it helps us to see the perspectives of the other person and know them better. However, the key to long lasting relationship is knowing how to repair the rupture in a healthy way. After a conflict, addressing the issues and finding common grounds to agree on is very important to create a safe space in the relationship. "All couples experience moments of disconnect, conflict or hurt. But the ones who master the ability to repair ruptures through open communication, empathy and forgiveness are the ones who go the distance. Making amends and reconnecting after an argument or misunderstanding not only strengthens your emotional intimacy but also builds trust and resilience," wrote Therapist Benjamin Ekorhi.

What is rupture and repair? Why do they occur in relationships?(Unsplash)
What is rupture and repair? Why do they occur in relationships?(Unsplash)

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Why do ruptures happen in relationships? The Therapist shared insights:

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Communication breakdown: one of the main reasons for rupture in a relationship is miscommunication or the lack of communication between people. It leads to assumptions, which can further accelerate the conflict.

Unmet needs and expectations: In a healthy relationship, the needs, wants and expectations of the people involved are expressed in a healthy manner. This helps the other person to fulfill them or be in knowledge of them.

External pressures: Sometimes being vulnerable to the other person due to external pressures can show up as extreme reactions. Knowing how to address emotions and regulate them can help the relationship.

Here are a few tips to repair rupture in a relationship:

Listen actively: Instead of listening to respond or react, we should listen actively to understand the perspective of the partner.

Take responsibility: We should always take responsibility and ownership for the mistakes made by us and learn to forgive our partner for their mistakes.

Meet each other halfway: We should learn to find common grounds and agree to disagree but find ways to connect with each other again.

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