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From budgeting to safety: 10 expert tips for stress-free and efficient travel planning

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May 25, 2024 04:49 PM IST

Travel can be exciting but stressful without proper planning. Here are some expert tips for efficient travel planning, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.

When it comes to travel, we love to keep it candid in all terms, be it the places to explore or the expenditure on impulse decisions while travelling. However, regret kicks in later on when we return, and we pledge to keep the next one well-planned to address any unforeseen experiences and expenditures. While we say 'well-planned', it entails several other elements throughout the travel journey and is not restricted just to budgetary and spot selection parameters. Trishal Rao, Chief Sales Officer, SKIL Travel, shared with HT Lifestyle some tips to consider while planning your next trip to keep it comprehensively efficient. (Also read: From AI to luxury: 6 emerging trends that will transform your summer travel experience )

Travel can be an exhilarating experience, but without proper planning, it can also lead to unexpected stress and expenses.(Pixabay)
Travel can be an exhilarating experience, but without proper planning, it can also lead to unexpected stress and expenses.(Pixabay)

Tips for efficient travel planning

1. Budget: The foremost tip to gauge your travel without sending tremors to your other routine expenses is planning a budget that includes total spending on transportation, accommodation, food, shopping, and a sum for miscellaneous spending. Planning a well-thought-out budget helps you visualise what parameters of the travel are worth covering and what can be left as optional.

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2. Choice of Destination: Once your budget is planned, you might select one of the shortlisted top 2-3 destinations that you plan to visit. Be it international or domestic, being able to zero down on one destination is crucial. It is ideal for exploring a tangible number of destinations, so you do not overdo it by just virtually scrolling through multiple destinations and end up losing the spark of travelling anywhere altogether.

3. Thorough Research: Research helps you avoid attractions and spending that don't gratify your needs from the sojourn. You might want to take a certain souvenir from a destination that you visit, for which you might research the authenticity of the shops that sell them and where the best places to find quality souvenirs representing the destination are at its core. Research certainly helps you grasp your purpose from your travels.

4. Advance Booking: Early bird benefits are real in general for anything that we explore, and they extend to the realm of travel, too. Early bookings can give a ton of benefits like free cancellations or rescheduling, early booking discounts, value-added services including complimentary meals, etc., in case of both flights and accommodation. Booking in advance also drives out the uncertainty often witnessed in last-minute bookings.

5. Prepare a Checklist: To make the best of your travel, it is best to plan each day by making an achievable checklist. Be it the attractions, sightseeing, refreshments, relaxation activities, and other aspects that you want to explore during your travel, bucketing them through the day and keeping a check on the same makes your travel fruitful and keeps away the overwhelming feeling of rushing things on the last day.

6. Flexibility for Change of Plans: While we can plan things as much as we want, being candid with certain aspects can help you keep the travel efficient. Be equipped with contingent plans to overcome change of plans due to external factors like delayed transportation, natural calamities, etc.

7. Safety of Document: Secure your identifying documents, like your passport and visa, in secured baggage while travelling. Maintain digital records with password protection to help in emergencies. Also, keep information about reaching the consul office and the necessary procedures for help required in unforeseen situations of theft/ loss of documents.

8. Prioritise Health and Safety: Health prevails by overcoming all the odds, and hence, one must prioritise health and safety at all times during one's travel. Carrying necessary medication and securing accommodation and excursions that are free from societal evils by researching thoroughly is the need of the hour while planning travel.

9. Start Early: Starting early has benefits like dodging any last-minute mishaps, ensuring that transit points are reached ahead of time, avoiding missing flights/ trains, etc. Starting early also keeps your mind fresh and anxiety-free which is otherwise troubled in case of last- minute commute.

10. Immerse in the Journey: Having kept a check on the above points, you are all set to unwind and enjoy the journey to the fullest. Be it visiting cultural sites, basking under the sun on a beach, enjoying a concert, or anything else as part of your travel.

All your upcoming sojourns can be made efficient with careful planning while considering various internal and external factors that may have an impact on the journey. With the above tips, you can rest assured that the plan is efficiently in place.

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