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5 easy things you should do before bed every night to ensure perfect sleep

Do you find it difficult to sleep well at night? Follow any of these 5 simple tricks and you’ll wake up feeling energised in the mornings.

more lifestyle Updated: Oct 26, 2017 16:45 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
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Listen to calming music through the night.(Shutterstock)

Adequate and quality sleep is an undeniable part of a healthy lifestyle. Yet, many of us find it difficult to either fall asleep easily or not wake up a few times through the night. Well, take a look at these 5 tricks to help you get a good night’s sleep:

1) Clear your mind

There’s no way you will fall asleep if you go to bed feeling stressed, worry about things or are anxious. Take a few deep breaths and feel your high strung muscles calm down. And while you may not reach the ultimate level of Zen, ridding your mind of as many thoughts as possible will greatly help in dozing off.

2) Listen to calming music

There are innumerable playlists on YouTube that will instantly transport you to a tropical beach or a villa on a valley. Play the sound of rain fall, beach waves, or birds in a jungle – whatever suits you. You’ll find many clips online that are 8 hours long, so you can keep the music on all night.

Avoid watching disturbing TV shows or movies right before going to bed. ( iStock )

3) Turn off your phone

Do you really need to check an Instagram comment or Facebook message at 3am? You don’t. So if you want to sleep peacefully, switch your phone off. If you want to be available to your friends and family in case of emergencies, just switch off internet data - that way you can still be reachable on call.

4) Stay off disturbing material

If you’re in the habit of reading a few pages of a whodunit every night, or watching the latest episode of a detective series before going to bed, stop. Violent or disturbing content projects images in your mind, which makes it difficult to sleep peacefully.

5) Positive affirmations

Having a fitful sleep is often a reflection of an anxious mind that doesn’t trust the world enough to relax. Take advantage of the fact that your subconscious mind is awake through the night. Right before getting into bed, repeat calming statements like “I now enter a place of deep and restful sleep,” “I am in harmony with the universe,” and “I am safe.” Saying it to yourself a few times with conviction should do the trick.

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First Published: Oct 26, 2017 16:45 IST

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