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Do it like a boss! Learn the tactful art of dealing with noisy colleagues

Is that co-worker driving you insane by being a chatterbox? We ask experts how to deal with a loud work environment, without coming across as offensive.

more lifestyle Updated: Jul 07, 2017 18:26 IST
Abhinav Verma
Noisy co-workers are a problem most of us have in common.
Noisy co-workers are a problem most of us have in common.(Istock)

Some people are just lucky, as they get to work alone in a like Zen-like office environment. Others have to deal with all sorts of co-workers. Even if you learn to ignore the not-so-lovely qualities in your colleagues, there’s one category of people that gives everyone around a tough time — loud, ultra-talkative co-workers!

Such people somehow always end up leaving you stressed, bring down your productivity levels and are prone to conflicts if not dealt with tact and sensitivity. With the help of experts, we tell you how to deal with this conundrum and maintain your sanity even in the loudest of office spaces.

Subtle diplomacy

Master subtle diplomacy

Don’t want to single out and confront that loud, talkative colleague? Here’s a trick: Gently remind everyone around to keep their volume low. “This way you don’t have to confront that person, but you still send out a subtle message. This strategy ensures that the situation doesn’t turn awkward and lead to a conflict,” says Dr Manish Jain, psychiatrist.

The direct route

However, sometimes, it’s best to directly approach the noisy one. Be frank, but polite, so you sound reasonable. “But avoid critiquing them in front of everyone and labelling them as a blabbermouth, as they might feel humiliated, and the situation may lead to an unresolvable conflict. The ideal way to offer criticism is to take them aside, and tell them in private,” says Dr Anil Sethi, psychologist. This particular tact applies to colleagues who generally aren’t aware that they are loud but need to be made aware of. “If approaching them directly also doesn’t bring any results, just change your seat, and complain to the HR (human resources),” suggest Dr Sethi.

Peace is a two-way street

This one’s worthy of consideration. Rather than telling people off for being incessant talkers, how about first introspecting to understand if you, too, sometimes behave that way at work. “There is always a probability that you are the noisy one, and unaware of it. The best way to work in peace is be peaceful yourself. Harmony is a two-way street, don’t expect quiet from others if you are not willing to offer the same first,” adds Dr. Sethi.

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