Give that boring balcony a break: Five tips to revv it up

Stop giving the balcony of your house that step-motherly treatment. We say, show it some love and turn it into a little getaway for some ‘me’ time. We’ve got some ideas.

more lifestyle Updated: Jun 10, 2016 18:47 IST
Aditi Caroli
Aditi Caroli
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Revamp your balcony space in style.

The crunch of space, load of furniture and hustle-bustle of inmates can sometimes suffocate us in our own homes. For a breather away from the puzzle that our house is, revamp the most under-utilised space — the balcony.

Apart from decking it up with just planters, you can do up the space with quirky hanging lamps, fairylights and what not. You can also expand your indoor space and turn your balcony into an open room. If you’re blessed enough to have a huge balcony, you can even turn the entire space into a living room. Or, how about a cosy bay with cutesy seaters or hanging swing sofas? Get inspired!

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Cosy getaway

Create a romantic setting with planters, fairy lights and a comfy mattress.

“A balcony or a patio can really come to life if given a little thought. Decorated and furnished correctly, it can add a new area to dine, entertain and relax in. Create space using foldable tables, chairs, benches and even sofas. Add some lighting and create a space that can be both romantic, cozy or an area to entertain guests. A balcony can also make for a great barbeque setting,” says interior designer Parushni Aggarwal.

Swing up your balcony in style

A swing sofa furnish with leather pillow for relaxing in your balcony. (iStock)

Perk up your balcony and replace your old plastic chairs with stylish hanging swing sofas. Don’t have enough space to accommodate a three seater? Go for outdoor rocking chairs and slip into a world of your own. Read books, sip coffee or have conversations.

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How about a little heaven?

Turn your balcony space into a living room. (iStock)

Give your own twist to the open concept living room. Take help from your interior decorator and turn your balcony into a living room by covering up the space with glass walls. This is easily achievable in society apartments. Make sure you accommodate windows in the glass wall, so there is ventilation. Fresh air, natural light and sofa to spoon in — what else in the world could one want?

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Show off your quirky side

Quirk up your balcony with colourful hanging lamps.

“Deck up your balcony with antique hanging lamps of different colours. On the ceiling, you can make a nice colorful tattoo. A jhula should not be ruled out. You can do wooden panelling and have rattan furniture to give an elegant and relaxed feel,” says interior designer Neelanjan Gupto.

Think outside the box

Deck up the outside of your balcony with plants. (iStock)

Well, while you can think of a myriad of ways to do up your balcony from the inside, don’t forget to dress it up stylishly from the outside. Apart from painting it in a nice hue, you can install planters with colourful plants and make every onlooker go green with envy. With plants outside, you can also utilise the inside space more effectively.

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First Published: Jun 10, 2016 18:45 IST