Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for January 28, what’s in store for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs - Hindustan Times

Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for January 28, what’s in store for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs

Delhi | ByDr Prem Kumar Sharma and Manisha Koushik
Jan 28, 2020 08:53 AM IST

Horoscope Today: Are the stars lined up in your favour? Find out the astrological prediction for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs for January 28.

The positions of the sun, moon and planets determine our daily horoscope. Each sign has its own characteristics and traits which tell us a lot about a person’s personality. Now wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your day by already knowing about what’s going to come your way? So, go ahead and find out whether the odds are in your favour today.

Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for January 28, what’s in store for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs.
Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for January 28, what’s in store for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs.

* Aries (March 21-April 20): It is best to keep a family elder in good humour. Your enthusiasm is likely to motivate those working for you. You are likely to come into big money of which you have no inkling now. A strict dietary control is important for those bulging at the waist. An out of town official trip will give you some respite and peace of mind. Those looking for a suitable accommodation are likely to get lucky. Visit to a friend or relative is likely and prove most refreshing.

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Love Focus: You will need to weed out your narrow-mindedness for a relationship to work on the romantic front.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Alphabet: M

Friendly Numbers: 8, 12

Friendly Zodiac Today: Libra & Taurus

Be careful of: Virgo

* Taurus (April 21-May 20): A financially sound investment is likely to come your way. A diet plan adopted recently will suit your system well. Professionals are likely to add to their list of clientele. Homemakers may crave for some excitement in their lives. An exciting outing is in store for some. Getting embroiled in a property dispute cannot be ruled out for some. On the academic front, you may suffer due to your wavering focus.

Love Focus: Lover’s unavailability today may keep you from enjoying a perfect romantic evening.

Lucky Colour: Light Yellow

Lucky Alphabet: L

Friendly Numbers: 4, 8

Friendly Zodiac Today: Capricorn & Scorpio

Be careful of: Libra

* Gemini (May 21-Jun 21): Professional perks are likely to be enjoyed by some. Financial front looks promising and handsome returns on investments seem most likely. Those feeling under the weather may take some time to recover. High spirits of a family member will prove contagious, bringing cheer to all. A short vacation cannot be ruled out for some. Investing in property is certain to give good returns. You will remain strong on the academic front.

Love Focus: Fresh ideas and bold thinking is certain to rekindle your love life!

Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky Alphabet: G

Friendly Numbers: 6, 9

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aquarius & Virgo

Be careful of: Leo

* Cancer (Jun 22-July 22): A marriage proposal for the eligible may send a wave of excitement in the household. Overstraining while exercising may have repercussions on health, so be careful. You will succeed in raising the capital for a new venture. On the professional front, don’t take any chances and follow the boss’s command. A trip with family is likely to prove most enjoyable. Buying a new house is possible for some. Keeping someone’s spirits high on the home front will be important.

Love Focus: Making your romantic life lively and happening is on the cards and promises lots of fun.

Lucky Colour: Off White

Lucky Alphabet: S

Friendly Numbers: 7, 14

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aries & Leo

Be careful of: Taurus

* Leo (July 23-August 23): Excellent financial planning will find you saving a lot of money. Joining a gym or starting an exercise regimen cannot be ruled out for those aiming at perfect figure and physique. Job satisfaction may need to be cultivated, if it is not coming on its own in your professional field. Family life will give immense fulfilment, as you get to spend quality time with spouse. Changes in your schedule or travel plans cannot be ruled out and may prove cumbersome. Booking a new property is indicated. Your performance on the academic front may leave much to be desired.

Love Focus: Romantic endeavours are likely to get a positive response from someone from the opposite camp.

Lucky Colour: Light Green

Lucky Alphabet: P

Friendly Numbers: 1, 11

Friendly Zodiac Today: Pisces & Capricorn

Be careful of: Aries

* Virgo (August 24-September 23): Good wishes and blessings of well wishers will lead you on the path of success. An exercise regimen adopted by you will prove most beneficial for health. Financial constraints can put your project on hold for some more time. Spouse will strive to make you comfortable in every way. A long journey will prove enjoyable in more ways than one, as you find love! Property held by you is likely to give good returns. Your efforts on the academic front are likely to win the day for you.

Love Focus: Romance may need to be given a backseat in the wake of other pressing issues.

Lucky Colour: Indigo

Lucky Alphabet: L

Friendly Numbers: 8, 16

Friendly Zodiac Today: Taurus & Capricorn

Be careful of: Cancer

* Libra (September 24-October 23): It is best not to loosen the purse strings till you become financially stable. A new workout regime will serve your purpose excellently on the health front. Some ideological differences may pit you against a senior on the professional front. Time to make new friends in a new environment is likely for some youngsters. A long journey appears both comfortable and enjoyable. Your faith in your abilities will boost your confidence. A satisfying day is foreseen for some on the academic front.

Love Focus: Spend some time with a loved one.

Lucky Colour: Olive Green

Lucky Alphabet: K

Friendly Numbers: 2, 6, 8

Friendly Zodiac Today: Cancer & Libra

Be careful of: Taurus

* Scorpio (October 24-November 22): Good profits on the business front are foreseen and will help you in making a mark. Following the advice of someone close is likely to make your money grow. You find yourself energetic today and may overdo the workout bit. Spouse is likely to throw a pleasant surprise and impress you. A journey you undertake today is likely to become memorable, as there are bright chances of meeting your soul mate. Don’t be hasty in a property deal. On the academic front, you are likely to come out with flying colours.

Love Focus: You will find the opportunity to express your romantic feelings for your mate and enhance togetherness.

Lucky Colour: Off White

Lucky Alphabet: J

Friendly Numbers: 4, 8, 12

Friendly Zodiac Today: Gemini & Leo

Be careful of: Libra

* Sagittarius (November 23-December 21): Financial condition is set to improve for some as profits accrue. You will be able to deal with an old ailment that is playing up. Letting work accumulate may become a problem at a later date, so wind up whatever you can today. Family may not initially support your ideas, but you will get around them. Someone is likely to foot your travel expenses just to take you along on a journey. You will be able to find tenants for a recently acquired property. Your efforts on the academic front will be well rewarded.

Love Focus: Respecting each other and remaining committed to love is likely to make romance most fulfilling.

Lucky Colour: Coffee

Lucky Alphabet: R

Friendly Numbers: 5, 12

Friendly Zodiac Today: Capricorn & Libra

Be careful of: Cancer

* Capricorn (December 22-January 21): Financial problems can force you to make compromises in your quality of life. Introducing new fitness techniques in your workout routine will prove immensely beneficial. You are likely to improve your performance at work and get noticed by higher ups. Don’t feel reluctant to chastise a family youngster to make him or her to turn over a new leaf. Taking someone close to you on a journey is likely to add to the fun. Good negotiations are likely to get you a piece of property for a bargain price. With good networking, you are likely to achieve much on the academic front.

Love Focus: Possibility of someone entering your life and stirring up romantic feelings, look real.

Lucky Colour: Off White

Lucky Alphabet: D

Friendly Numbers: 9, 12

Friendly Zodiac Today: Cancer & Sagittarius

Be careful of: Aries

* Aquarius (January 22-February 19): A new business venture will be successful, only if you are able to tap the right contacts. Your initiative to save money will be appreciated. Your efforts will lead you to total fitness. Good news about a sick family member brings a big sigh of relief. Those travelling by road are certain to make good time. This is a good day to take up pending matters pertaining to property. Efforts to send someone for higher studies abroad or out of town will succeed.

Love Focus: A love at first sight situation is likely to develop soon.

Lucky Colour: Dark Brown

Lucky Alphabet: Y

Friendly Numbers: 1, 4, 7

Friendly Zodiac Today: Scorpio & Gemini

Be careful of: Libra

* Pisces (February 20-March 20): You will command respect among your peers at work. Avoid outside food and drinks. You will be able to make good decisions on the financial front. Not catering to spouse’s mood is likely to cause tension, so remain sensitive to partner’s needs. You may need to travel especially for someone just to keep your promise. Some of you are likely to become the proud owner of a property. Good guidance will see some students through.

Love Focus: Lover awaits some positive signal from you, so don’t keep him or her waiting for long!

Lucky Colour: Lavender

Lucky Alphabet: T

Friendly Numbers: 2, 4, 8

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aries & Cancer

Be careful of: Virgo

The astrologer can be contacted at psharma@premastrologer.com or support@askmanisha.com

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