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Let the party be safe this New Year’s Eve

As you party to ring in the New Year, make sure you do that responsibly. The basic being ‘don’t drink and drive’. HT City gets you tips from cops, restaurant managers and nutritionists advice on how to make sure you are safe while and after you party.

more lifestyle Updated: Jan 15, 2017 17:04 IST
Henna Rakheja
Henna Rakheja
Hindustan Times
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It is important to be safe when partying during New Year’s Eve. (iStock)

As you party to ring in the New Year, make sure you do that responsibly. The basic being ‘don’t drink and drive’. HT City gets you tips from cops, restaurant managers and nutritionists advice on how to make sure you are safe while and after you party.

1. Safe environment
One major concern is to ensure that your drink isn’t spiked or food isn’t adulterated. Who wants to begin a new year on a bad note? And to ensure that you don’t, spoil the fun, try opting for a familiar place. “Make sure you don’t accept any drinks from a stranger. In fact, drink only those drinks which are made in front of you,” says Guneet, a bartender based out of Delhi.

And choosing a safe environment can also help. “Also, we stop entry of anyone from outside apart from those who have registered with us by providing their documents. So it is easy to guide the guests on how to make their New Year enjoyable amid familiar faces,” says Rohit Srivastava, assistant director, food and beverage, Hyatt Regency Delhi.

Avoid driving post drinking and instead opt for a cab. ( iStock )

2. Don’t drink and drive
From Shah Rukh Khan to Akshay Kumar, a number of celebs have already tweeted urging party-goers to not to drink and drive. But come New Year’s Eve and everytime the police has a tough task checking flouters and avoiding road-accidents due to drunk driving. Not just Delhi but even Gurgaon Traffic Police has urged partygoers to not drink and drive this New Year. Apart from stringent checking, Gurgaon police will also be educating the citizens on traffic rules via nukkad nataks (street plays) throughout January, which is being observed as the Road safety month. Balbir Singh, DCP, Gurgaon Traffic Police, says, “We urge the citizens to not drink and drive. Hire a cab if possible. Respect the road means to follow rules on the road for not just your safety but for the safety of others. There will check posts near popular places to ensure drunken driving doesn’t take place and fines will be imposed too.” In fact, designating a driver from among your friends should be a good practice to follow. “When you go out with a bunch of your friends, designate a driver from the group. That friend will not be allowed to drink, for he or she will be the one driving you back. And later, you should all throw a party just for the designated driver,” suggests Rati Mathur, who works with an NGO.

3. Company matters
Choose your company wisely for it is also the known ones who can put you in a spot. When partying out, have a glass or two of water in between drinks. This will cut down on the alcohol intake. Also don’t starve yourself and do nibble between your drinks. “It is advisable to never drink on empty stomach. So prior to partying, must eat a lot of lean proteins like tofu, eggs and yogurt. Do not mix alcohol with sugary drinks like diet sodas, fruit juice or tonic water, instead opt for water. Next day, to get rid of hangover, consume a lot of water with lemon or buttermilk. Even the hangover meal should always consist of lean protein food,” says Lovneet Batra, nutritionist.

It’s important to nibble between drinks to avoid getting starved. ( iStock )

4. Avoid theft
Not just you but even your belongings such as mobile phone and wallet should be safe too. To ensure this, carry as less as possible and avoid carrying purse or wallet. In times of demonetization, it wouldn’t be too difficult to enjoy partying with plastic money. “You are allowed to drink but not to get drunk. It is important to drink responsibly and if you are in a safe environment then the chances of theft are negligible. And since it’s all cashless these days, you don’t need to carry money,” says KK Vyas, DCP crime, Delhi Police.

Ensure that your drink or food isn’t adulterated. ( iStock )

5. Reach home safe
If you don’t have a non-drunk friend who has volunteered to drive, opt for a cab. Also, keep important numbers on your phone’s speed dial, which can be used without unlocking your phone. Or go basic and write some numbers on a notepad and keep it in your pocket, so that if you pass out, your co-party-goers don’t have to stress about unlocking your phone! “I have saved numbers of all my friends’ parents. In case they run out of battery, I take charge to inform their parents when my friend leaves the venue with the driver,” says Shweta Sachdeva, a 25-year-old banker.

First Published: Dec 30, 2016 19:28 IST