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Mother’s Day: Impress your mom with recipes by top Indian chefs

Very often, chefs credit their mums for their culinary skills. This Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday (May 8), we get four popular chefs to share with us their mothers’ favourite recipes.

more lifestyle Updated: May 07, 2016 17:42 IST
Shradha Shahani
Shradha Shahani
Hindustan Times
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Very often, chefs credit their mums for their culinary skills. This Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday (May 8), we get four popular chefs to share with us their mothers’ favourite recipes.

There are few things in the world that can beat a meal prepared by one’s mother. Very often, even chefs credit their mums for their culinary skills.

“Watching my mother cook initiated my love for cooking,” says chef Ranveer Brar. Chef Vikas Khanna, on the other hand, feels that the food that a mother cooks for her family is the “purest of all cuisines”.

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Chef Kunal Kapur recollects some of his fondest memories while preparing his favourite dish — Gulab Jamun — with his mother.

“I used to fall ill quite often as a kid. So, my mother never bought Gulab Jamuns from outside. I used to help her roll them, but I never managed to make a perfectly round Gulab Jamun. But my mother never gave up on me. She used to say, ‘The imperfect ones are priceless. Only I will eat those’,” he says, laughing.

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Here, the top chefs share some of these recipes, which have been handed down to them by their mothers.

Chocolate Barfi by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Chocolate Barfi


■ 3tbsp cocoa powder

■ 500gm khoya or mawa

■ Some oil for greasing

■ 1/2 cup powdered sugar

■ Edible silver foil


■ Crumble the khoya and grease a tray with the oil and set both aside

■ Cook the khoya in a non-stick pan. Stir it continuously, till it has completely melted, and you have achieved a thick sauce-like consistency. Make sure that the khoya does not change colour

■ Remove the khoya from the heat and let it cool. Add powdered sugar, and mix well

■ Pour half of the mixture onto the greased tray. To spread the khoya evenly on the tray, hold the tray at both ends, and tap it firmly on a hard surface two or three times. Set aside to cool

■ Place the remaining mixture on low heat. Add the cocoa powder, and mix well

■ Pour the cocoa mixture over the mixture in the tray and spread it evenly. Set aside to cool

■ Cut the cake into pieces and serve. Cover the pieces with edible silver foil, if desired.

— Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Kada Prashad by Chef Vikas Khanna.

Kada Prashad


■ 250gm whole wheat flour

■ 250gm sugar

■ 750ml water

■ 250gm clarified butter

■ 1/4tsp cardamom powder

■ 1tbsp almonds, slivered


■ Combine the sugar with water in a heavy saucepan, and place it over a medium flame. Stir it at regular intervals till the sugar dissolves. Turn off the flame and keep the syrup warm

■ Heat the clarified butter in a large, heavy pan over a medium low flame. Add the flour, and cook while stirring it non-stop till the flour turns golden and the raw flavour goes away. Make sure the flour doesn’t stick to the base of the pan

■ When the flour is golden and smells nutty, carefully whisk in the syrup that you had prepared previously. Avoid making lumps. Continue cooking and stirring the mixture till it is thick in consistency

■ Add some cardamom powder, and serve hot.

— Chef Vikas Khanna

Gulab Jamun by Chef Kunal Kapur.

Gulab Jamun


For sugar syrup

■ 2 cups sugar

■ 1 cup water

■ 1 lemon wedge

■ 1 pinch


For gulab jamun dough

■ 250gm milk powder

■ 55gm desi ghee

■ 1.7gm baking soda

■ Dash of water

■ 55gm refined flour

■ Oil to deep fry


■ Boil the sugar, lemon wedge and water with a pinch of saffron on low heat

■ For the dough, mix the milk powder, desi ghee, baking soda with a dash of water

■ Heat the pan, and toss the dough around for two minutes. Remove and cool this mix completely. Now add the refined flour and mix it well. Divide the dough into small balls, and deep fry each in moderately hot oil, till each ball turns brown in colour

■ Once brown, take them out, and dip them in warm sugar syrup. Serve after an hour.

— Chef Kunal Kapur

Punjabi Chole by Chef Ranveer Brar.

Punjabi Chole


For chole

■ 1tbsp oil

■ 2-3tbsp clarified butter

■ 1tsp cumin

■ 2tbsp chopped garlic

■ 1 and 1/2tbsp ginger garlic paste

■ 1tsp red chilli powder

■ 1tsp coriander leaves

■ 1tsp turmeric

■ 1tsp garam masala

■ 1tbsp chopped chillies green

■ 1/4 cup chopped onions

■ 1 cup chickpeas, soaked in water and boiled in tea water

■ Salt to taste

■ 1tbsp roasted coriander

■ 1tbsp chopped coriander

■ 1/2 lemon

For chutney

■ 1/4 cup tamarind chutney

■ 1 onion

■ 1 tomato

■ Salt to taste

■ 1tsp red chilli powder

■ 1tbsp chopped coriander

■ 1tsp oil

For garnish

■ 1tbsp clarified butter

■ Coriander leaves

■ Mint leaves

■ Onion as per requirement


■ Heat some oil in a pan

■ Add the clarified butter, cumin, chopped garlic, red chilli powder, coriander leaves, turmeric, garam masala powder, chopped green chillies, chopped onions, tomato paste, chopped tomatoes, chickpeas (soaked in water and boiled in tea water), salt and water, and let it cook

■ To prepare the chutney, add the chopped onions and tomatoes, coriander, tamarind paste, salt, red chilli powder and oil in a bowl, and mix well

■ Pour the chutney on the chickpeas. Garnish the dish with coriander, mint and onions.

— Chef Ranveer Brar

First Published: May 07, 2016 17:37 IST