Is liquid nitrogen safe? Order for these cocktails when you go to your favourite bar
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Is liquid nitrogen safe? Order for these cocktails when you go to your favourite bar

Here’s a list of restaurants that use molecular tricks such as liquid nitrogen and smoke guns in a safe manner.

more lifestyle Updated: Jul 13, 2017 08:46 IST
Meenakshi Iyer
Meenakshi Iyer
Hindustan Times
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Blueberry Julep at Social.

Recently, a Delhi-based man was rushed to a hospital after he consumed a cocktail that was made using liquid nitrogen. A popular component in cocktails at some bars and restaurants that use molecular gastronomy, liquid nitrogen gives a smoky effect to drinks by creating a cloud of vapour or fog. However, at most bars this effect is often created with the help of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) and smoke guns, which are considered relatively safe.

The 30-year-old man was later diagnosed with a hole in his stomach caused by consuming the drink before the ‘smoke’ settled. “Liquid nitrogen can be used to flash freeze food, for instance I use it to freeze herbs like mint or rosemary to get more flavor out of them for my cocktails. However, liquid nitrogen should never be consumed directly. These days, bartenders tend to add it to the drinks to give it a dramatic effect,” says Binny Dhadwal, owner, DrinQ, a Mumbai-based bartending company.

Like with any chemical, liquid nitrogen needs to be handled with care, he says. “Drinks that have a liquid nitrogen component should be served with a straw,” says Dhadwal.

Here’s a list of bars and restaurants that serve molecular cocktails:

Farzi Apple Foamtini.

Farzi Café: For its Farzi Apple Foamintini, nitrogen is poured on the syrup to turn it into mint foam. This vodka-based drink comes with muddled granny apple, lime juice and elder flower syrup. This way, the chemical doesn’t come in contact with the drink.

Bob’s Bong at Social.

Social: This popular chain of bars is a go-to spot for youngsters for its quirky food and décor. Here, smoke guns with wood chips and dry ice is used to give cocktails like the Blueberry Julep and Bob’s bong.

Tamasha: This bar has outlets in Delhi and Mumbai. Here, drinks such as the bubbling cosmo and Tamasha black tea come with a smoky effect.

Sunset at Carter.

Masalabar: A lot of molecular gastronomy tricks are used at this popular Mumbai bar. For instance, the Sunset at Carter cocktail is made with rosemary infused whiskey, and almond foam that is made with liquid nitrogen.

Hummus Ice Cream.

Papacream: This multi-outlet ice cream brand uses liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze its popular dishes such as pani puri sorbet and hummus ice cream.

Snapchat cocktail at Amanzi.

Amanzi Skydeck and Bar: Here the Snapchat cocktail is a mix of vodka and watermelon gomme mixed with ginger juice, mint and sour mix all instantly frozen using liquid nitrogen. For Campfire, whiskey is stirred with coffee bitters and anise liquor is smoked with star anise and liquid nitrogen.

Desi Culture: At this fusion restaurant dishes such as Hajmola dahi bhalla and rose kulfi make use of liquid nitrogen to freeze ingredients such as beets, tamarind and jalapenos.

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First Published: Jul 04, 2017 16:18 IST