Valentines Day Special: Love Lives On
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Valentines Day Special: Love Lives On

They lost the ones they loved to hate crimes and yet they believe that only love has the power to vanquish hatred. Here’s what these gritty people have to say on Valentine’s Day

more lifestyle Updated: Feb 14, 2019 12:25 IST
Shara Prayag & Prerna Gauba
Shara Prayag & Prerna Gauba
Hindustan Times
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Pranay was hacked to death by contract killers allegedly hired by Amrutha’s father

They had always believed in the magic of love. When they found love, their world lit up. Little did they know that their joy would one day turn into the most unimaginable agony. The ones they loved so deeply were snatched away from them in the most soul crushing manner. Their wounds will always be fresh and yet they haven’t stopped believing in the power of love. On Valentine’s Day, these brave people tell us why love and only love is the most powerful antidote to hatred.

Sukhwinder was attacked with swords by professional killers allegedly hired by Jassi’s mom and uncle.

His beautiful love story met the most tragic end at the altar of hate. And yet Sukhwinder Singh Mithu of Kaunke Khosa village in Jagraon, Punjab believes that you haven’t lived if you haven’t loved. In 1994, the truck driver had fallen in love with Jassi Sidhu, the daughter of a multi-millionaire blueberry orchard owner in British Columbia, Canada. They married secretly against Jassi’s family’s will in 1999. The couple was traced down the very next year while they were living in hiding. Sukhwinder was attacked with swords by professional killers allegedly hired by her mom and uncle. Jassi was taken away and brutally murdered. Today, 19 years after Jassi’s death, Sukhwinder is still deeply in love with his wife and refuses to marry again. “Jassi was a bubbly girl who loved life. Bahut zyada pyaar karte they hum dono ek doosre se... she will always be my wife. I was very lucky to have found her love,” he says. Even as he fights to get justice for Jassi, Sukhwinder encourages everyone to fall in love. “Har insaan ko badhiya pyaar karna chahiye aur sirf pyaar hi karna chahiye... Love is the most beautiful emotion that a human being can experience. A life devoid of love is certainly not worth living,” he says.

Rajni Rathore remembers her police officer husband Subodh Kumar Singh Rathore as a brave man who always stood up for what is right

With the death of her husband, Rajni Rathore lost her best friend. “He wasn’t just my husband... he was the closest friend I had. He loved cooking with me in the kitchen... whenever I cooked alone, he would joke, saying, ‘aaj khana achcha nahin bana hoga... mera haath jo nahin laga’,” she recalls. Rajni is the wife of UP police inspector Subodh Kumar Singh Rathore, who died in violent clashes in Bulandshahr. Her husband’s memories give her the courage to keep the fight for justice going on. “Unki har ek baat yaad aati hai. He was a very brave man who always stood up for what is right. He taught his children to be true towards their duties to the nation. He taught them not to hate or discriminate. His words give me courage even in his absence,” she says. It pains Rajni deeply to see so much misplaced rage around her. “Those who have a compassionless heart are so unlucky. There’s just so much hatred brewing. It’s tragic that people give in so easily to hate. It took my husband’s life and left us so helpless,” she breaks down while talking to us over the phone. The next moment, she composes herself and says, “Once you fill your heart will love, there will be no room for hatred. Bade hi badnaseeb hote hain who log jinke dil mein pyaar ki jagah nafrat palti hai.”

Amrutha wants her son to be exactly like Pranay

The man Amrutha loved so deeply is never going to come back. Yet, she feels he is somewhere around, watching over her and their baby. Amrutha’s husband Perumalla Pranay Kumar, a Dalit Christian, was killed last September, allegedly by a contract killer hired by Amrutha’s father, T Maruti Rao. Amrutha and Pranay were childhood friends who fell in love and married against the wishes of Rao, who was from the ‘forward’ Vaishya caste. Amrutha was five months pregnant when her husband was brutally murdered in front of her eyes. Amrutha’s son has just arrived, and she feels a new surge of strength in herself. “Pranay loved everyone. I fell in love with his beautiful heart. I will make sure that my child grows up to become a compassionate human being, just like his father... someone who can feel the pain of others like his own,” she says. Amrutha recalls how excited Pranay was about their baby. “He just wouldn’t stop talking about our baby. He was eagerly waiting to hold the baby in his arms... I wish he was around to receive the baby,” she says. The child has strengthened Amrutha’s resolve to fight hatred. “We must bring down man-made walls such as caste and religion that often make human beings hate each other so foolishly. No God ever teaches us to hate,” says Amrutha, who lives with her doting in-laws, and wants justice for Pranay.

First Published: Feb 14, 2019 12:25 IST