Welcome To Karachi review by Anupama Chopra: A live-action cartoon

Welcome 2 Karachi is the kind of brain-dead movie in which dumbness is the main joke.

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Anupama Chopra
Anupama Chopra
Hindustan Times
Arshad Warsi,Jackky Bhagnani,Welcome To Karachi

Film: Welcome To Karachi
Cast: Arshad Warsi, Jackky Bhagnani
Director: Ashish R Mohan
Rating: 1.5/5

Welcome 2 Karachi is the kind of brain-dead movie in which dumbness is the main joke. The more foolish the protagonists act, the more we are supposed to laugh. It’s exhausting in an almost soul-sucking way. When I returned home, my son remarked that I looked older than when I had left. Basically, Welcome 2 Karachi is a pro-aging pill.

Jackky Bhagnani, the prime reason this film exists, plays Kedar Patel, a lowIQ lad from Jamnagar. Arshad Warsi is Shammi, his best friend. Shammi is a naval officer who was thrown out for sinking a submarine. Kedar’s father, an event manager, assigns them to take a wedding party out on a boat. The two dance with several blondes. Then a tackily rendered digital storm comes. The boat sinks and the two end up in Karachi. Here, they are mistaken for the mujahadeen, the Taliban and Pakistani army commanders. Eventually, of course, their inner heroes emerge and they foil dastardly terrorist plots before returning to India.

There are approximately two and a half good jokes in the two-hour-twelve-minute running time of this film. At one point, Shammi gets them into trouble by cheering for the wrong side during an India-Pakistan match. In another scene, they mistake Barack Obama for Morgan Freeman from Mandela. But there isn’t enough of this and soon enough, the cheerful Dumb and Dumber-inspired foolishness becomes tedious.

The best that can be said for Jackky is that he’s earnest. Arshad dutifully goes through the motions. The glamour quotient is provided by Lauren Gottlieb, who drops in infrequently, playing a Pakistani intelligence officer (the female characters are basically extras). In any case, how much can actors do, in what is essentially a live-action cartoon? Director Ashish R Mohan is mostly interested in jokes, and all the best ones are in the film’s trailer.

I recommend you watch that instead.

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First Published: May 30, 2015 16:04 IST