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‘At times, Rahul can be off-putting'

Abhijeet Sawant talks to Riya Anandwala on his TV reality show, Rahul Vaidya, his acting debut and more.
Hindustan Times | By Riya Anandwala, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 23, 2008 03:01 PM IST

After releasing three albums, Abhijeet Sawant is back to reality TV with the music show Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar. Besides that he makes his big screen debut soon. Riya V Anandwala chats with the singer:

Why would an Indian Idol winner, a budding actor compete again in a musical reality show?
I was missing my Indian Idol days and wanted to come back. Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar was the best way to connect with my fans.

Do you ever feel insecure that you have to prove yourself again?
I was not insecure and never will be. There are better singers than I on the show. But I don't like it when viewers support runners-up of reality shows and not the winners.

Whom would you vote for from the Challengers lot?
Himani Kapoor.. she's the best.

You said on camera that you didn't vote for her during the comedy round because girls can't be funny?
That's true, isn't it? Girls don't get enough votes as it is. If they do comic acts, it jeopardises their position in the competition.

Isn't Vineet Singh being overconfident?
I don't blame you if you perceive him that way. Vineet is actually cool, not overconfident.

And Rahul Vaidya?
Rahul is very confident. At times, he can be off-putting. Reading out fan letters on stage was very childish. After Harshit's (Saxena) caustic reaction, he has stopped doing that.

Have your three albums done you any good?
The market for pop albums is very restricted. My album was one of the best last year but it could have done better.

What did you think of Indian Idol Seasons 2 and 3?
I think mine was the best. Sandeep (Acharya) and Prashant (Tamang) still have to prove themselves.

You have been married for six months now..
It's wonderful. My wife flies with Jet Airways.. we have known each other for years. Our families wanted us to tie the knot asap.

Are you domineering or is she?
(Laughs) I like being the dominated one. She's the responsible one.

Do you figure in the long list of hostess Mandira Bedi's fans?
Spare me! Rahul is a huge fan but you should probably ask him if it's for real or just to spice up the show.

Your movie debut, Lottery, is up for release.. are you really cut out for films?
I was nervous initially but the offers kept coming. I've seen singers try their hand at acting and fail. But I somehow gathered courage and took this on. I have a couple more offers, a thriller and a comedy.

Why not do an item number with Rakhi Sawant?
No, I don't like her.

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