Michael Jackson will always be The King of Pop. (Twitter)
Michael Jackson will always be The King of Pop. (Twitter)

HBD Michael Jackon: 5 controversies that never left him alone

Michael Jackson has seen many ups and downs in his life. He was the best selling recording artist ever, but at the same time he was faced with inumerable problems. On his birthday, we look back at some of them.
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UPDATED ON AUG 30, 2015 02:33 AM IST

Michael Jackson's life has been one that the pop idol deserved. Even in death Jackson is widely loved. Born in 1958, the eighth member of the (in)famous Jackson Family, Michael was considered a prodigy. He found great success with his first band The Jackson Five. But it wasn't always bliss. There have been innumerable controversies that Jackson has had to face. So today, on his 56th birthday, we look back at his storied life, and the many hurdles the King of Pop crossed.

In 1982, Jackson changed the world of pop music forever with his best-selling album Thriller. Over the course of his career he scored 13 number one hits, more than any other artist. It has been estimated that he has sold over 400 million records. Again, more than anyone else.

So how can someone with so many accolades to his name, someone who was considered the best at what he did have gotten himself involved with one controversy after another?

Picture him on a stage, thousands of people cheering for him, loving him more than a God, with these problems in mind.

Crotch grab

The pose that we always remember him by. Jackson debuted his signature move in the Martin Scorsese-directed video for Bad.

The dangling baby incident

Jackson attracted a bunch of media criticism when he dangled his infant son Prince off a balcony. Need we say any more?

Plastic surgeries

For a man who sang the lyric: "It don't matter if you're black or white" it sure does seem like it mattered to him. Like a lot. Case in point:

Child abuse charges

Beyond any doubt, this was the worst accusation leveled against Jackson. His childhood abuse at the hands of his father was blamed. Everyone tried to find explanations for it. But it destroyed his career. And nobody ever looked at him the same way again.

Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray was accused of murdering him and convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Even in death controversy didn't leave Jackson alone.

But despite all this, he remains the world's highest paid dead celebrity, earning over $140 million in 2014 alone. His legacy lives on.

Listen to Bad here

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