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Kolaveri Di success shows power of online medium

The success of Tamil-English number Kolaveri di even before its official launch has proved the power of online social networking platforms.

music Updated: Jan 07, 2012 13:08 IST
Tamil-English,Kolaveri di,online social networking

The success of Tamil-English number Kolaveri di even before its official launch has proved the power of online social networking platforms.

Members of music group Shadow Band feel the online medium has given a window to new talent and can be a stepping stone to a career in Bollywood.

The two-member band comprises Rajan Adlakha, an architect and Vineet Malhotra, a TV anchor. The former schoolmates came together at a reunion in 2009 and shared thoughts on music, following which they decided to try their hand at composing.

The band was formed in February 2010 and their music has found online fans.

"As far as social networking sites are concerned, we would not be where we are today without them. Bollywood is very compact when it comes to giving importance or exposure to young talent because in today's time, no one wants to take a chance," Malhotra told IANS.

"Everyone wants to follow a safe bet and make the most money out of it. This attitude has only led to talented musicians being shirked and left to fend for themselves through other means. But we are confident we will penetrate that space (Bollywood). It's only a matter of time," he added.

Of late, live bands and the concept of posting music online have caught the fancy of many newcomers to reach a global audience. So has it become any easier to carve a niche in the music industry?

"Not exactly. Live bands perform from time to time at various places, but the recognition is still few and far between. Internet helps your cause to a certain extent but the real action lies in the core of media promotion. Carving a niche is not really that easy, but if it was, why would anyone do it?" said Adlakha.

However, collaborating with TV actor Rajev Paul could prove to be stepping stone to tinsel town for the band.

"Rajev and I went to the same gym in Mumbai while I was working as a TV presenter for Neo. He had written some poetry that was posted on a social website and I decided to adopt a few of them and turn them into songs. Rajev, being a TV actor, brings a new dimension into the music we offer. Before venturing into pop, we were all out electronica and this association helped us in realising that we could do more and this gets us closer to Bollywood," said Malhotra.


If given a chance in Bollywood, the musicians wish to create tunes that are fresher and newer in their feel.

"Music has gone stale in Hindi cinema today. We hope to change that and bring in a new dimension to everything we compose," added Adlakha.

About the growth of alternate music in India, Adlakha said "Music is India is rich and historically relevant. It's a part of our culture and upbringing, but experimentation and creative expression are still waiting their turn. It is prevalent to some extent but just like alternate cinema alternate music has to fight its battles," he said.

Their yet to be titled album will release in January 2012.

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First Published: Jan 02, 2012 14:32 IST