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New looks, new sound...

Chartbusting American singer, Anastasia, sings her heart about her new looks and new album Heavy Rotation to Nikhil Taneja.

music Updated: Oct 27, 2008 16:31 IST
Nikhil Taneja

Chartbusting American singer, Anastasia, sings her heart about her new looks and new album Heavy Rotation to Nikhil Taneja.

After your illness, how has your comeback been so far?
Surprisingly, it’s been very positive. My look without glasses has been appreciated. People are happy with the songs of my album Heavy Rotation. (Laughs) Sometimes, it’s hard to say if they are just being nice or if they really mean it.. but the album sounds likeable to me!

Heavy Rotation has a very mature sound.
Yeah.. in my previous albums, I was searching for emotions while writing the songs. But now, I don’t have to make an effort. The songs reflect my optimism about life, though I am uphappy about certain things. But most importantly, I am sure of who I am. (Laughs) After writing some of the lyrics, I couldn’t believe I’m so naughty!

What made you first release the single, I feel you?
It’s different from my earlier songs but in some way, it imbibes their quality. It is about how Anastasia, the singer, interprets songs now. It also talks about how happy I am with life now.

Is the album’s title symbolic of the changes in your life?
Very. Though it’s a term taken from the heavy rotation of records by DJs, it is a spiritual title. My life has been very heavy on my heart sometimes.. but magically, it has always rotated back to fine. That’s my philosophy too.. bad times don’t last.

A lot has changed since your last album ––– you are married, have a new look, a new label and a new sound. What remains the same?
I will always be the same kind of person.. down to earth and normal. My style has changed, my lyrics are more empowering, but the character remains. (Laughs) Sometimes, it’s shocking that it’s been a decade. I mean, are you kidding me? ‘98?

You’ve faced a number of illnesses but come out strongly.
It’s my passion for life that has helped me fight back. When I was down, I focused on positive things, because my ultimate goal is to ‘live’ life. (Smiles) I like living.

How has your perception of life changed post cancer?
Life has shown me many sides and I’ve experienced incredible pressure because of cancer. But I wanted to look at cancer in the eye and say, “No! You are not going to get the better of me. Even if you do, I’ll make a difference before I go.” So I was more concerned about spreading awareness about cancer than worrying. I want to help people by sharing my experiences.

Married life must have changed some perceptions too?
(Laughs) Yeah, I love being married. It’s such an honour to have someone to call as your husband. I’ve always been travelling or been ill.. So I assumed that I am just supposed to be in and out of love but never get married. (Smiles) Marriage has come as a big surprise. It wouldn’t have happened if I’d listened to my head. (Laughs) I mean, it was my bodyguard!

Are you kidding me? Ever plan on coming to India?
(Instantly) I would love to! Living in London and surrounded by Punjabis, visiting India is a dream. I am addicted to Indian food. I’m trying to make a tour possible next year. I feel the closest to Buddhism and try not to judge people, which is a virtue of your culture. (Laughs) But it’s difficult sometimes.. thinking like a Buddhist but talking like an American.

What do you think of Bollywood?
I am fascinated by Bollywood.. I find your industry breathtaking. (Excitedly) I’d love to act in a Bollywood movie. I’d be the first one on a plane if such an offer came! I’ve never been offered a song there as well, but nothing would be more inspiring.(Giggles) So if anyone is reading this, this crazy little blonde girl wants to be a part of Bollywood!