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A peek from the sidelines

Her rise from obscurity to stardom was just as unpredictable as the tsunami lashing the Southern coast.

othersports Updated: Jan 01, 2006 22:56 IST

SANIA MIRZA: Skirting the issue

Her rise from obscurity to stardom was just as unpredictable as the tsunami lashing the Southern coast. No doubt Sania's ranking soared like the Sensex, but it was the clerics' decibel level that was heard more. "Her skirt is too short," they said in anger. Poor Sania! For once, her tongue was at a loss for words to retaliate.

NEELAM J SINGH & ABSCONDERS: Magnificent seven

The speed at which seven weightlifters fled the National camp in Bangalore when IWF came calling, would have put even Ben Johnson to shame. They may have got away scot-free, but as far as banned athletes go, women like Neelam and Pratima had no relief. Just shows, certain sports can never be clean.

NARAIN KARTHIKEYAN: Fast and the furious

Electrical failure, gearbox trouble, leaking engine oil seal, and then, the big crash at the F-1 season-ender in Shanghai! The fastest Indian made sure he went down with a bang. Driving a jalopy called Jordan, Narain was left wondering if it was worth the bother of asking his sponsors to raise mega bucks for next season.

TARANNUM: Byting the bullet

In this age of 'breaking news', when a newspaper raised the match-fixing issue again, TV channels went berserk. For TV channels, this was Breaking News at its best, and they called anyone and everyone to their studios for bytes. Finally, when the ICC was forced to state that there was no truth in it, the channels beat a retreat. If anyone gained at all, it was dance bar girl Tarannum, whose proximity to certain players made her a household name.


This was babudom at its best when the Sports Ministry tossed Gupta out of the Arjuna Awardees list. No, there was no hanky panky in the whole thing. Just that someone had inadvertently left his name out of the list being typed. In this e-age, such a bloomer was unpardonable. Who suffered? Abhinn, who is referred to as "Sifarshi".

MUKESH KHATTRI: Grappling with issues

When you talk of the Sports Ministry's messing up, can the SAI be far behind? Confusion would be too simple a word to sum up what SAI did on deciding whether or not Mukesh Khattri had tested positive for a diuretic. First, he was cleared, then banned for two years before being reinstated later. Can it get more hilarious?

First Published: Jan 01, 2006 22:56 IST