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Every individual needs to have a wholesome world perspective, says author Arun Wakhlu

Arun Wakhlu, founding chairman of Pragati Leadership, spoke to Hindustan Times about his new book - One wholesome world: Awakening perspectives and inspiring actions for a world that benefits all. Following are excerpts from the interview.

pune Updated: Jul 29, 2017 13:37 IST
Ananya Barua
Ananya Barua
Hindustan Times, Pune
Arun Wakhlu, founding chairman, Pragati Leadership, during an interview at Baner.(HT PHOTO)

Arun Wakhlu, founding chairman of Pragati Leadership, believes that the world can become a more humane place if people learn to look within themselves and connect, converse and co-create. He spoke to Hindustan Times about his new book, One wholesome world: Awakening perspectives and inspiring actions for a world that benefits all’, which will be discussed at the BDB Book Club’s special interaction on July 29 at 11 am at Sumant Moolgaokar Auditorium, MCCIA Trade Tower, SB road. Following are excerpts from an interview with Ananya Barua.

What is the genesis of this book?

I was born in Srinagar, and Kashmir at that time was extremely harmonious, in terms of people and nature. Later, when I went to IIT, Delhi and then Mumbai to work, I observed this harmonious existence fade away. Amidst the stress and toxicity of urban lives- both emotional and physical - my father, Dr Omkar Nath Wakhlu who is the co-author of this book, and I, began wondering if this is how life is meant to be. There was a point when I would look at myself in the mirror, get scared and ask who is this. Both being engineers, but also spiritual individuals, we wanted to look beyond this small individual existence, and know what has actually gone wrong and restore it practically.So, through this book we wanted to provide practical pathways to move beyond this fragmentation, fear, stress, disease and violence, into a wholesome existence and re-create the world that works for all.

What is this wholeness?

We hear and know that each day, we are moving towards a future crisis for the planet, but most choose to ignore their collective responsibility in stopping that. Yet, there are various small organisations doing great work, but individually. The problem is that they don’t know or don’t do things together to make a bigger impact. Wholesomeness that I talk of, can be achieved when these efforts are made collective. This book is an attempt to bring all these pieces together to complete the whole puzzle of life.

What are the key highlights of the book?

To be a good leader, every individual in whichever field, needs to have a wholesome perspective of the world. Every individual movement, good or bad has a larger impact,and so they need to think big, about the planet, the society, and not just be fixed in smaller boxes of their companies or places. It is important for us to realise that economic growth is only a means to development, not a synonym for it. And so the book guides you to first question the existing assumptions, see through new eyes and find your true self. Once this step is crossed, an individual can begin to form connections to pass on the awakening to others and establish a mass awakening. The third and final step is then to re-look at development and make collective attempts to make a difference.

How will this change happen?

As Osho would rightly say, every time you to try to paint a wave, the next one will come and wash it away. Individual attempts for a cause are of the same kind, but that does not mean one should stop there. This book is one such attempt, which when coupled with the attempts of other people trying to bring a positive change, will eventually make a larger impact.

First Published: Jul 29, 2017 13:37 IST