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Your Space: Pune pet owners should act responsibly and respond positively to civic body’s direction

Pune municipal corporation has appealed to pet owners in the city to take a licence for their pet soon or face stringent action. Here’s what our readers have to say about the initiative.

pune Updated: Aug 12, 2018 17:06 IST
Hindustan Times, Pune
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Pet licencing is important for strengthening the policy related to pets. It is also important because it will ensure good practices are followed by pets owners, says one of the residents, Chetan Gaikwad.(PRATHAM GOKHALE/HT PHOTO)

It is a welcome step by the Pune municipal corporation (PMC) to discipline pet owners and make them realise their duty. ( Do you have a pet? Get a licence from PMC or pay a fine soon).

Pets are like children to their owners and so they must look after them and see to it that they don’t cause inconvenience to others.

Nowadays, people have pets even in a small room, which becomes a nuisance for the neighbours. Humanitarians, who feed stray cats and dogs, should take the animal’s responsibility by getting a licence instead of feeding them on the streets.

Along with licences, pet owners should also be asked to toilet train their pets at home or clean the place where their pet litters. Keeping a pet is like adopting a child and pet owners need to be very serious about it and if they want their pet to be adopted by the society, they need to act responsibly and respond positively to the civic body’s direction.

Maya Hemant Bhatkar


A good step, but should include other subsidies

It’s a good thing to do which will help regulate the population of pets in the city. However, it should also come with some benefits like subsidised vaccinations and decent treatment facilities at government veterinary hospitals. This should not be just another way of making money for the government in the name of registration.

Jayprakash Kodalil


Fine, punish pet owners for littering

Pet licence is a welcome step and needs to be implemented. What also needs to be forcibly implemented is that dog owners must clean up after their pet litters an area. They don’t clean it, the municipal sweeper avoids it, nobody else cares and the road continues to remain dirty for days together.

I would advise the inspectors from the Pune municipal corporation to be present on the roads during the morning/evening hours and fine pet owners heavily if they don’t clean up the area.

N Kalyan


Pet licence is important to ensure good practices are followed

It’s a very good decision by the Pune civic body. Pet licencing is important for strengthening the policy related to pets. It is also important because it will ensure good practices are followed by pets owners.

As per my knowledge, this rule was actually introduced in Pune a few years back, but due to the lack of awareness, not many pet parents have registered their pets.

I have been having cats for the past five years, and this rule was implemented in Pune a few years ago. Every year the licence needs to be renewed and the process is very simple. So, everybody should participate in this initiative.

Chetan Gaikwad


PMC should impose a limit to the number of pets

According to the new law, it is compulsory to register our pets with the PMC every year. The civic body has come up with many kinds of restrictions in the initiative as many residents from housing societies have registered complaints against their neighbours regarding pets.

Actually, we are not happy with the decision. Under this initiative, the Pune municipal corporation should also impose a limit to the number of pet animals one can keep in their house.

Nilesh Rathod


Welcome decision

Pet licences must be made mandatory. It is usually seen that pet owners take their pets for a a walk and pets dirty the residential area and owners don’t even take the initiative to clean it.

The pet owners must be registered and licences must be given. Owners must be taught how to be responsible.

Anil Kumar Shewate

First Published: Aug 12, 2018 17:04 IST