Residents preferred to do yoga, cardio and other exercises inside their homes during the lockdown to stay fit.(Hindustan Times/ FOR REPRESENTATION ONLY)
Residents preferred to do yoga, cardio and other exercises inside their homes during the lockdown to stay fit.(Hindustan Times/ FOR REPRESENTATION ONLY)

YourSpace: Lockdown affecting health but exercise a must, say readers

The two months of lockdown severely restricted our movement, forcing us to remain indoors most of the time. It prevented us from our regular outdoor activities, visits to the gym and the walking/jogging track. Here is how our readers have been taking care of their health...
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UPDATED ON MAY 31, 2020 09:03 PM IST

Exercise and gym are an integral part of my life. It is as important as breathing or praying. Hence, the news of lockdown threw my routine off-track. While I did sulk for a day or so wondering what would I do for my fitness regime, within no time I planned a routine that didn’t require me to go outdoors.

During the two months when the lockdown was imposed and jogging and walking weren’t allowed on the society premises, I indulged in cardio exercises, yoga, abs workout, and strength training. I have also done some crazy stuff like brisk-walking or jogging inside the house for 5-10 km, 100 suryanamaskars at a stretch, or covering 50 floors climbing up and down the stairs.

As for my husband, who has been playing cricket for 3-4 hours every weekend since the past 12-13 years, the lockdown was upsetting. However, since we have a pet dog that needs daily walks, my husband’s exercise meant taking her for early morning and late evening walks within the society premises. My teenage daughter, an athlete, did indoor exercises like chin-ups on the pull-up bar, plank, or suryanamaskar. We have been indulging a lot in salads and seasonal fruits like watermelon, muskmelon and grapes to improve our immunity.

Various reports have indicated that Covid-19 is going to be a part of our lives for another year or two. Does that mean we will shut ourselves for two years?

The health experts say that the way to build immunity is by eating healthy food and exercising. I am glad that the state government has permitted physical exercise on society premises and public parks now.

The fear of catching the virus is still there. But in my view, people should take all precautions like wearing mask, using sanitiser and maintaining social distancing, but they should go out and get their muscles moving by walking, jogging, running or cycling in the fresh air. If not, do indoor exercises. Bottom line is – stay active.

Garima Mishra

Lockdown kicks in mental stress

I am a little more concerned about the indirect impact of lockdown on our mental health. Most of us have missed going to gym and daily walks. Some might have compensated for it by exercising at home. However, the feeling of being locked inside the house has also left many stressed. Whether voluntarily or by order, I cannot meet friends and family, cannot travel to places I want to, cannot be a part of social activities, and my business opportunities are also reduced during the last two months. Particularly, when I am self-employed and cannot expect a full or part salary when I don’t work. This is taking a toll on self-confidence, pushing many others like me towards an unhealthy state of mind, even depression. Words of wisdom and motivation do not help under such circumstances. If the lockdown is extended any further, the mental health of many will get beyond recovery. I am wondering how can one sustain their morale in these difficult times. Are there any exercises that we can continue at home to keep ourselves fit mentally until we are back to normal if we ever are going to be?

Mandar Shinde

Maintain healthy immune system

In these Covid-19 times, which is full of negativity with bombarding of news related to the deadly virus on media, each passing day I have realised the importance of being positive and maintain a strong immune system and good health to keep the disease at bay. In fact, my family has been practicing yoga, pranayam, and other exercises to keep healthy and Covid-19 away during the lockdown period. We also take care to have healthy food.

Chitra Mohod

home and office chores unending

These two months have been specifically very horrible for working women like me with work from home deadlines and taking care of every family member during the lockdown. My 15-month-old child expects his mother should spend time with him. It is very difficult to fulfil the expectations of the office boss and family members during these times. My mental stress has increased and long discussions and meetings through online mode cause severe headache and issue of earache has started. I am unable to do any exercise, though few of my family members are able to do it. I am only trying to manage my office work and house chores. Unavailability of baby care facility and maid-housekeeping services makes my life more difficult during these months.

Nalinee Suryawanshi

Change your workout regime

I have been trying to workout on my terrace with bricks or stones as my weights, and tera bands. The steps of my building, of course, cannot replace what I can do on the ground or gym but is sufficient to tire me. The major challenge is to find creative ways to keep changing the routine of exercise, but is certainly doable since that is the need of the hour. Keeping the immunity strong is a must during this pandemic and it can be achieved with a mix of good exercise, good nutrition, and rest as well which is fairly doable.

Roshan Shetty

Regular exercise kept us fresh

I work at the science park in Savitribai Phule Pune University. I am actively working for popularisation, spreading awareness about science, making science exhibits and kits which are helpful for students at school as well as college. We are habitual of daily morning exercises at home, evening walks, and outdoor exercises. This is an important part of our daily routine before lockdown made me and my family to keep indoors. It was a struggle in the beginning for 3-4 days, but we found out the solution. We continued with daily morning exercises. The evening walk was done at home with restrictions. We increased breathing exercises along with playing indoor badminton. We did more dance practices which made us feel fresh. In the old days, people used to do all the work at home and keep their diet. Since all were home, it resulted in increased household work as well. The same thought we tried to implement. The increased exercises definitely kept us fresh and healthy, but we controlled and managed our eating schedule. Eating less sugary and fatty food and having fresh food is the key to be fit and fine.

Harshada Babrekar

More bonding under lockdown

There were so many doubts when lockdown began initially, but it brought out the best in some people. People kept themselves busy with challenges and experimented with stuff in the kitchen, brought out budding artists. Everyone seems to have found some new interest that they never pursued and made an attempt to accomplish them. So in short, for my family as well it turned out to be a time where we could bond better. Keeping the kids occupied was a task initially which we now master without a doubt. Exercising in this period proved beneficial. Thanks to all the online classes we could keep ourselves occupied. So now I and my son spend our evenings dancing together, so playing his favourite sport cricket. Taking necessary precautions, but at the same time making the most of this time.

Deepika Fernandes - Shewale

Performed yoga for energy, health

It was a good life experience but sitting at home was a new type of learning to help the family in household work. It was difficult to sit at home every day. There was no outside life due to lockdown. We formed a small group in our society and exercised at home, performed yoga while maintaining social distancing. In the last two months, we have stayed energetic and healthy.

Atul Jain

Suryanamaskar for better health

For every individual, exercise plays a very important role in maintaining fitness and fight health-related problems. But now these two months of lockdown have restricted us from performing regular physical activities in the way it used to be done before. But, exercises such as yoga and suryanamaskar can be done regularly. I personally follow a regular routine of performing yoga and suryanamaskar to keep me and my family fit. Suryanamaskar comprises a series of twelve yogasanas performed in a sequence. It is a series of gentle flowing movements synchronized with breathing and can be performed on a mat at home. It is an independent and complete physical exercise that helps tone up the functioning of various systems in the body. It also improves circulation of the blood and reduced stress, calms the mind, removes lethargy, and makes our mind alert and increases the flexibility as well. Until the lockdown is lifted I personally believe it is important to keep ourselves fit and increase our immune systems by performing suryanamaskar regularly to fight this invisible enemy because it has been observed that the virus mostly affects the people with prior diseases. It is important that we remain calm and meditate to keep our minds peaceful. If we want to be happy and live a healthy life, we should perform suryanamaskar- the best exercise daily.

Suvarna Deolankar

Isolation period dedicated to fitness

I took lockdown as an opportunity to improve on my fitness rather than making it an excuse to not exercise. So, instead of the one hour morning walk and exercises on the bench of the jogging park, I planned out that time at home. I do 15 suryanamaskars followed by yoga and pranayama. In the evening, I used to be in the gym for an hour. Instead, now I sweep and mop the floor followed by exercises chalked out by Dr Pramod Tripathi and conclude with Art of Living’s Sudarshan kriya. To fight Covid-19, you need immunity and a strong upper body. My exercise regimen ensures that.

Vinita Deshmukh

Exercise for a better life

If you are healthy then only can you be happy and make others happy. Exercises, yoga, and meditation make you feel better and stress out. Every morning a little time for yourself makes you fit and healthy. Yes, in lockdown we are not able to go out but my family is taking care of their health by playing indoor active games, morning meditation with yoga. It helps us to be happy and fresh for the entire day. Fresh and homemade food helps us to enjoy this lockdown happily as happiness is also the key to a healthy life. So be happy, healthy, and fresh with good and energetic food. This will help you survive from this lockdown period stress-free.

Reshu Aggarwaal

Lockdown, a necessary step

Life under lockdown has made every individual stays at home to be safe and prevent themselves from Covid-19. Staying home for more than 2 months now has made individuals lazy and lethargic. We cannot go out for morning or evening walks, gym, or any extracurricular activities which makes us stay fit and healthy. Lockdown has made to be home 24*7, hence with no other option left we have to do light workouts or yoga at home. However, looking at the current situation and an increased number of positive Covid-19 cases, this lockdown is necessary. I hope that the government is taking all the required steps to control Covid-19 cases and would definitely show some good results as far till now.

Rohan Goyal

Opportunity to improve

After the Covid-19 pandemic led to a nation-wide lockdown in order to combat the situation, it has brought about several drastic changes in the way people use to interact and function. The social isolation norms have forced many to step away from their day-to-day activities, such as those who use to go out for the gym and other physical activities have to be at home. Apart from this, work from home has emerged as a new way to deliver work and this extended lockdown period can easily make people fall into bad habits, especially for those who are pre-diagnosed with health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular and other health-related issues.

With the uncertainty and changes in the way people live, we need to be more conscious of mental health. As there are several benefits related to positive mental well-being such as reduced anxiety and stress, clearer thinking and mood-improvement, self-esteem boost. This will tend to improve calmness in you.

We all must take advantage of this lockdown and utilize the time to detox our mind and soul and also try to improve the bond with our relationships. We should always try to become a better version of us and the current situation is the best opportunity.

Shalini Sharma

Yoga to burn calories

Lockdown severely restricted and made it obligatory to remain indoors. It is not possible to go jogging or walking. One has to be fit and burn calories, the best option I have adapted is yoga for 45 minutes every day in the morning. It increases my flexibility and improves my respiratory, energy, and vitality. Yoga has exploded all over the country. ​​

​​Anoop Panjwani​​

Outdoor activities will improve immunity

It has been more than 2 months of lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic.​​ The routine health activities like jogging, morning walk, gym, swimming, trekking have been completely stopped.​​ Senior citizens and other residents are demanding some guidelines to maintain health.​​ The basic outdoor activities will improve immunity and empower us to fight any kind of disease.​​

​Akhil Singh​​

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