Guest column: Of joy and polls of the Chandigarh Golf Club

“Which place do you come from in India?” he asked. “North India, close to Delhi, a place called Chandigarh,” I tried to make it as explicit as possible to the foreigner.

punjab Updated: Jan 14, 2018 13:47 IST
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Over the years, the management has nurtured the rich legacy of the Chandigarh Golf Club.(HT File )

I was at my niece’s wedding in the US. Indian weddings are a treat , both for Indian Americans and their American guests. I got chatting with Andre, a local who works for a telecom major.

“Which place do you come from in India?” he asked. “North India, close to Delhi, a place called Chandigarh,” I tried to make it as explicit as possible to the foreigner. “Oh Chandigarh, you know I have been to this great town of yours. It’s like a dream,” he was suddenly buoyant, “Do you play golf?”. I replied in affirmative and immediately sensed a bonhomie with a fellow golfer.

“The most enjoyable memory of ours was a round of golf at Chandigarh Golf Club. What a fulfilling experience! Are you a member there? I was told it is a prized membership,” he said.

We shared some memories of the course, most significant being the drive at the ‘ninth’ with a fair chance of fading the shot towards the ball to the honourable governor’s compound. Sweety Brar, the club secretary, terms the fade as ‘Bad... Nore’. Andre hosted a golf round at the Falcon creek golf course in Trenton with a promise for a similar round at Chandigarh Golf Club. Such is the aura of the club... truly international.

A fine club

Having been a keen observer now for a decade or so, one has seen the club evolve for the better.Over the years, the management, which faces polls every year, has nurtured the rich legacy of this fine institution.

The present team headed by Ravibir deserves a special kudos. The vice-president Jyoti Matharoo has been a silent pusher. Rohit Singh Dagar, the captain, is a proactive performer. Besides being a stickler for denying special sops authorised to a captain, he has done wonders to the course and maintained the discipline required to avail of a playing finesse. Secretary Brar has aptly utilised his vocal and managerial skills to put the house in order. Bunny (Capt Mohanbir), the affable cavalier, has ensured a seamless balance when it came to economics.

Shona, the brave and innovative golfer lady, has made everybody’s day while at the club restaurant or the snacks gazebo. Doc Verma, the most dedicated, has made the club magazine a treat to read. Dr Baath, the debonair dentist, utilises his ‘make and break’ talent to full use by overseeing renovations. Gags Aulakh, despite being under the weather has ensured a ticking health club and an enjoyable swim at the pool. Arvind has been a perfect choice to promote junior golf.

Above all, Ravibir, the amicable prez, has stuck to his role of being a positive and cool leader. Members are happy and so are the numerous canines who seem to exert more during mating, going by the accretion in their unhindered multiplication… after all, it is happiness all around!

Polls ahead

Now that the elections for the year are round the corner, we have some brave contenders in the fray. Brave, because they realise the legacy of performance that needs to be relived. Gilly, the old war horse, is ready and focussed. He knows that his affectionate and infectious smile alone will not carry the day. He shall be required to raise the bar of performance. Highly capable and upfront, he seems ready for the job.

Also, on his marks is the seasoned super golfer Bobby Sandhu, a cool guy, very well meaning and full of life.

Then, of course, we have one of the most decent guys in the club, Ravibir, the reigning president. No words for him because his performance during the current term speaks.

Although there are not really any issues that require special attention after what the present committee has achieved, one has received a couple of points from discerning members. One, ‘it can’t get better’, and second, ‘keep it up’!

First Published: Jan 14, 2018 13:45 IST