Power of women: Ghatsila women wipe out hooch dealers

Ghatsila women showed the power of the fairer sex by making two panchayats — Ulda and Barakhurshi — a hooch-free zone.
None | By Probal Sanatani, Ghatsila
UPDATED ON MAR 09, 2014 04:43 PM IST

Ghatsila women showed the power of the fairer sex by making two panchayats — Ulda and Barakhurshi — a hooch-free zone.

On the call of two women, Karmi Hembrom and Lalita Patro of Deuli village, 250 village women vowed to make their area free of the hooch menace.

“We gave a call to village women on February 22 to gather in Deuli School ground. We were overwhelmed to see that over 200 women gathered and showed the courage to show resistance against the mushrooming of hooch business in the area,” said Karmi Hembrom.

“We gave them (hooch dealers) an ultimatum of four days to shift elsewhere or their joints would be dismantled,” Patro said, adding that “we even threatened them that we would complain to social organisations and penalty would be levied if they are caught red-handed.”

“On February 27, we along with other women dismantled all such joints in the area. We even burnt the jeri can and barrel that were being used to store the liquor. The liquor that they had in store was thrown into drains,” Hembrom and Patro said, who themselves are victims of the ill-effects of hooch.

“After all this, the hooch dealers even threatened us of dire consequence. But, we were determined to make the area hooch free,” they added.

“Today we are happy and proud to declare that our village is a hooch-free area zone in Ghatsila,” said Karmi on Women’s Day.

Most of the women and children of these villagers had bore the brunt of country liquor. Male members of most of the family consume country-made liquor and under the influence of alcohol, beat their spouses and children.

They are even deprived of proper diet and education as the male member spends most of their earning buying the dreaded liquid.

There were around half a dozen hooch dealers flourishing in the area due to large number of alcohol consumers.

“Today, the area is hooch free,” mukhiya of Barakhursi panchayat Basanti Singh said.

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