Finding relationships is not limited to the internet anymore.(Unsplash)
Finding relationships is not limited to the internet anymore.(Unsplash)

2020 Dating Trends: Glamboozled, Yellow-Carding, Dail-toning, what to watch out for this year

Following into the new year dating, relationships and break-ups are predicted to have new trends, so arm yourself with these dating terms.
Hindustan Times, Delhi. | By Asheeza Baig
UPDATED ON JAN 07, 2020 11:44 AM IST

Dating has come a long way in the last decade. From online swiping for casual hook-ups to ghosting, the year 2020 will bring more changes in the dating domain. Online apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Grindr will continue to stay popular although finding relationships is not limited to the internet. While millennials value their technology, personal connection has its own significance in their lives. Topics involving honesty about consent, monogamy, and positive sexual relations requires this personal connection and face-to-face contact. Following into the new year dating, relationships and breakups are predicted to have new trends, so arm yourself with these dating terms.

Cause-Playing: ‘Cause-Playing’ involves getting back in touch with an ex simply to ask for a favour, usually donating to charity or supporting a friend (usually about supporting a good cause). The issue most affects singles in their early 40s, but international dating site Plenty Of Fish estimates a staggering 47 percent of people on the dating scene have experienced it in some form.

Dail-toning: This is considered ghosting but not getting through even once. A relatively new trend, “dial-toning” is the term used to describe when someone gives you their number, only to never reply to your message after you text them. It calls for a 90s reference of dial tones.

Fleabagging: Almost every girl you know has dated a flea-bag at least once. Inspired by Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s iconic TV character, Fleabagging is essentially the act of dating those people we know are wrong for us. Women tend to date more flea-bags than men, according to Plenty of Fish 63% of women have admitted to doing this.

Type-casting: In the age of astrology and love language tests, the youth tends to gravitate towards individuals after basing their compatibility with someone based on such tests . For example, no Leos please.

Glamboozled: You’ve heard of being bamboozled, now get used to being glamboozled. After spending quite a few hours getting ready with make-up and clothes on point, your date cancels on you last minute or worse, ghosts you- this is called being glamboozled. More than half of the singles have admitted to being glamboozled.

White-Clawing: White clawing occurs when someone stays with their partner because they find them attractive but believe them to be basic and boring. Over 34% of singles have admitted to white-clawing.

Yellow-Carding: Millennials have opened up conversation about honesty in relationships, speaking their minds when there is a problem. Yellow-carding refers to calling out someone on bad dating behaviour which could be anything from miscommunication to constant bailing.

Besides these new trends, previous dating trends that do not seem to fall in popularity include: ghosting, thirst-trapping, cuffing, etc. Although positive trends about honesty and more communication have come up, older toxic trends still continue to occur. Hopefully 2020 happens to be the year for happy successful relationships.

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