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Do you want a partner?

Want to fall in love but don't know how? Ask 'Love Guru' that operates from the streets of Delhi, writes Monicca Adlakha.
Hindustan Times | By Monicca Adlakha, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 30, 2008 01:03 PM IST

Want to fall in love but don't know how? Well, if you were in America, this would have easily been taken care of by hiring a dating coach.

Aimed at 'people who want to fall in love', it's a new concept wherein a professional takes care of all that you 'need' to know.

Unlike matchmakers, they do not arrange dates - but act as advisers. Well if all this reminds you of Will Smith from

The Hitch

or closer home Salman Khan of


, you are not entirely mistaken.

If you've already stared sulking (for not being in the US of A) well there's some hope, though not for everyone. Mr know all! It might come as a surprise to many, but there is a 25-year-old 'love guru' who discreetly operates from the streets of Delhi.

He confesses to being inspired by the above stated movies and thought how he could be the desi dating coach. "I have seen



The Hitch

over 50 times now.

Though there were not too many details, but good enough to start." Akash (name changed) has over 30 clients in the age bracket of 16-28, who consult him for long-term dating course.

"A lot of them approach me, through word of mouth, for a crash course. Besides teaching what to do, the three-month course covers what not to do, as that sometimes can be more crucial." He maintains that he teaches them the tricks of the trade without being preachy.

"We all know the rules, I just tell them which one to apply, when and on whom - that is what makes it more effective. I never ask them to pretend." He states that more men than women approach him for consultancy.

His services include dance classes, cookery classes, and a short-term course on grooming. Nishant Bhargay, 27, a BPO employee, never wanted a stranger to manage his life, but "when the result was guaranteed, there was no harm in trying". Bhargay had been off dating after his first relationship didn't work out.

He recalls, "I would always be dressed in my usual jeans, even on the special dates to fancy places. This did not go too well with her."

He was, during his session with Akash, suggested "to present the person you want to be". Bhargay has now been in a relationship for six months, and claims that he's "satisfied with the flirting rules he was taught, along with the image makeover, during the session".

If you are wondering how to approach the 'love guru', well you'll have to keep your ears and eyes open, as he likes to operate anonymously. "I don't meet all my clients, until the case is too serious, I tip them off over the phone." I His inspiration.

In fact, you'll be surprised to know that it was his girlfriend, Shreya*, who thought him to be "quite a charmer" and suggested him to master the art. He's also quite a fan of Ashok Kumar's character in

Chhoti Si Baat

, in which he teaches Amol Palekar to win over Vidya Sinha.

And while Shreya has complete faith in her "lover boy", she loves it even more when he "makes the magic work for others as well".

She was recently pampered by a fancy gift bag on her birthday comprising a digicam, a designer gown and a dinner date at a five star hotel. Akash reveals, "My minimum fee is Rs 5,000 (for a week) and it keeps increasing with the nature of job." He plans to pen down his mantra in a book soon. Just in case you can't reach him, don't lose hope.

Plenty of dating coaches are just a click away - type 'dating coach' and you know which website to visit. You'll be amazed to know the total number of searches on Google when we checked it - a whopping 990,000. While some charge money, there are free options also.

One of them, is in fact operated by ex-students from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University The website, gives tips on long term dating, first date, kissing blues, art of wooing, flirting, Valentines Day and more.

Check-out this query uploaded on site: Question: I'm in 2nd year of college. I have very few friends and my classmates don't like to hang around with me. How can I improve my image? Also there is a girl in my college whom I like. I'm sure that she'11refuse to be my friend.

What should I do? Answer: Son, I am proud of you that you accepted and shared all these with me. I'm sure that it's just a matter of misunderstanding that people ignore you or make fun of you.

Try to find out things about you that your classmates dislike. Make sure you don't do anything that annoys anyone. Also, in order to be friendly with them, never poke your nose into other peoples' business.

Don't hang around in a group where you are unwanted. It's very important to have self respect if you want others to respect you. I think if you follow the above, you'll soon start noticing the difference in other peoples' attitude towards you and start making friends which can also include the girl whom you like. The site also offers great break -up ideas. Anyone???

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