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Five amazing ways to make her fall in love with you in 2015

Here are a few simple checklist of dos to help her fall in love with you in good time.

sex and relationships Updated: Jan 17, 2015 18:26 IST
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Phil Collins once crooned that you can’t hurry love, you just have to wait, and that love doesn’t come easy. He has a valid point. But that doesn’t mean you should sit and wait around for love to come to you. Instead, here are a few simple checklist of dos to help her fall in love with you in good time.

1 Do be chivalrous: “It always takes me by surprise when a guy does something chivalrous. It could be as simple as waiting for a woman to leave first – especially when you’re travelling in a lift. It makes me smile because you least expect it, because I’m quite used to men tearing out of the lift, and sometimes you get shoved in the process. So, when that happens, it’s a pleasant and welcome surprise,” says Shika. Remember this guys: Even in this age, chivalry isn’t dead. You will score bonus gentleman points with her.

2 Surprise her with your thoughtfulness: The smallest gestures often have the biggest impact. This could be in the form of a sweet text message when you hear her favourite song on the radio, or a song that reminds you of her, and tell her so. Or spontaneous and impromptu plans about a place she’s been talking about, or even just a simple reminder of something she may have forgotten. These small but thoughtful gestures will go the distance.

3 Sense of Humour: There is something sexy about a guy who can make a woman laugh. Even more so, when he can laugh at himself. A guy with a sense of humour and can tickle your funny bone is a keeper. Added bonus: When you’ll have inside jokes to share, the laughs are plenty. In difficult situations, humour when used appropriately, will lighten the mood and she will thank you for it. Guys who are playful and goofy tend to have an edge as they come across as being easy-going.

4 Be attentive: Gentlemen, be genuinely interested in what she has to say. You might actually learn something new and unexpected. You can even seek out her opinion to get a perspective on a difficult situation.

5 Don’t be possessive: It is one thing to look out for, quite another to be possessive. Nothing screams insecurity like a possessive guy. If she’s out with her friends or even chilling at home, don’t bombard her with phone calls and messages in a short period of time, and constantly require updates about her whereabouts. Learn to live with the fact that you cannot control all of her movements.

Ladies, when did the penny drop for you’ll? Send in your responses via the comments section.

Siddharth Mangharam is an expert on relationships and co-founder of, a curated network that connects singles in real life.

First Published: Jan 17, 2015 18:19 IST