Five signs you are in love with your best friend

So, your best friend is the person you cling on to 24/7. Are you sure your relationship is not something more intense than mere friendship? Here are five things to help you join the dots and assess for yourself if you are in love with your best friend.

sex and relationships Updated: Jul 24, 2014 17:39 IST
Meghna Chadha
Meghna Chadha
Hindustan Times
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Your best friend is the person you cling on to 24/7, for everything from professional hiccups to personal predicaments. You think your survival's at stake if it was not for him in your life. And, of course, you love spending time with this man more than everybody else put together. Now, think about it. Has it ever occurred to you that your relationship is something more intense than mere friendship? Are you sure it is not love? You probably never let such thoughts cross your mind, lest you lose your friend. Let's give you a hand. Here are five things that will help you join the dots and assess for yourself if you are in love with your best friend.

1 They are your world
He or she is the person you text all through the day. You've let this person know you inside out: from your darkest secrets to your vulnerabilities, to your weaknesses... you've shared them all. You want this person to be the first one to know of everything that happens in your life and you don't think twice when looking for a shoulder to cry on. If your idea of spending 'quality time' is to be with this person, you know that you are getting emotionally attached to this person.

2 You can do it for them
You care about his or her happiness more than you do for all your other friends, and instinctively know whatthey want. You'd often go out of your comfort zone to help this person. Pragmatically, you can read their mind and know exactly what they are up to. In short you can complete their sentence.

3 Constant benchmark
You constantly compare your best friend with your boyfriend/girlfriend and even wish they were more like your bestie! And you’ve often mentioned about this to your best friend. It’s a major sign that you look up to your best friend as a perfect partner for you.

4 Jealousy Issues
You feel jealous when he or she talks about someone else. Seeing your best friend flirt with other people makes you very uncomfortable. You experience feelings ranging from irritation to supreme envy. You often tend to feel that you should be their priority and not any other friend of theirs. You tend to exercise control over them in this case.

5 You actually picture yourself with this person.
Yes! You imagine how things would be if you dated your best friend. How perfect and hassle free life would be as you consider them the perfect one for you. This sign proves that you’ve fallen for your bestie and it’s the time you confessed to them about it. You never know it turns out to be another kuch kuch hota hai so bang on!!

First Published: Jul 24, 2014 17:30 IST