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Get ready to sex-periment

To judge by the erotic products available these days – flavoured condoms and edible lingerie – our wildest fantasies are being satisfied. So could it be that we actually believe sex is fun?

sex and relationships Updated: Mar 20, 2010 16:04 IST
Pranav Dixit

RelationshipsThere was a time when flavour was associated with food, fragrance with perfume and ultra-thin with models. And a toy was a child’s plaything. So if you’ve been to the chemist’s recently, and goggled at the amatory wares on display, we’ll forgive you. Because for a country where talking about sex is still a no-no, we are experimenting like never before.

To judge by the products available these days – flavoured condoms, scented lubricants and even edible lingerie – our wildest fantasies, it seems, are being satisfied. So could it be that we actually believe sex is fun?

Just imagine

It certainly looks like it. “To keep sex exciting, you have to be creative,” says banker Manisha Bakshi. “Otherwise, it becomes routine. My boyfriend and I have tried all sorts of condoms, and had sex in different places.”

Points out Vishal Vyas, brand and marketing head for Durex India, “Sex has always been an important part of people’s lives. But it is only now that people are getting assertive about it. They want to get the maximum out of their sex lives.”

Condom manufacturers have let their imaginations go wild: from vibrating to super-thin condoms, they’re are all available. “We realised that people don’t just want protection, they want protection with pleasure,” says Vyas, adding that the demand for flavoured condoms has gone up by more than 50 per cent. “Now we plan to introduce foreplay enhancing products.”

Bangalore-based couple Neethi and Aditya Ramanathan confess that they record their lovemaking sessions with a camcorder. “It gives us a high,” says Aditya. “It’s also erotic to go back and watch the tapes together,” says Neethi. “But we never transfer the contents to a computer and risk someone chancing upon them,” she adds.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. When Sneha Sinha, a graphic designer in Mumbai, was gifted edible lingerie for her first wedding anniversary, she freaked out. “I was like, oh my God, what in the world is this?” she says. “I showed it to my husband who couldn’t stop laughing and finally, we decided we would try it out. It was, ahem, very sensual.”

Says Jayashree Gupta, manager of Mumbai-based Boudoir-London store that sells the stuff, “Most customers are shocked when they first see the edible lingerie on display in our store. But there is a high demand, especially during the wedding seasons.”

Class act

So is this some kind of a carnal renaissance? “People are becoming more and more individualised,” says Dr Kamal Khurana, Delhi-based marriage and relationship counsellor. “So they want to find out more about their own preferences. This applies to sex as well.” According to him, the number of people pursuing sex creatively has more than doubled in just four years, from 10 per cent to more than 30 per cent.

Leading sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari thinks that sex toys, vibrating condoms and erotic books and magazines are ‘safe psychological aphrodisiacs’. “Twenty years ago, most of these things were unheard of,” he says. “But exposure to the Western media and the Internet has primarily been responsible for the rise in their demand. Ultimately, everyone wants to perform in bed in a better way.”

“For me, experimentation keeps things interesting and fresh,” says Bakshi. “Sex is not just about stripping down and doing the act. It stands for a lot of things, so it should be spontaneous and exciting.”

Simply the best

More than a year ago, a Durex survey asked us what would improve our sex lives. Forty-seven per cent said romance, 46 per cent said fun, 44 per cent said they wanted more time with their partners. And 45 per cent said they wanted to know more about sex to make their partners happier.

“Bonding is more important than physical pleasure,” says Dr Kamal Khurana, relationship and marriage counsellor. “Why you are doing something is more important than what you are doing.”

Communication is the key to a healthy sexual relationship, says sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari. “The real four-letter word is ‘talk’.”

– With inputs from Parul Khanna