Is it tough working with a friend or partner? Here’s some expert advice

Actor Vidya Balan says she doesn’t want to work with her husband as work issues may spill into the personal space and lead to fights. Is that always the case? We asked experts how to juggle a professional relationship with a partner or a friend. Here’s what they said:

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Collin Rodrigues
Collin Rodrigues
Hindustan Times
Sometimes people behave and react differently to a situation professionally and personally, and this can lead to a lot of confusion. (Imagesbazaar)

Sometimes, people who are good friends or partners end up working together. At times, this equation can lead to friction. Recently, while talking to Hindustan Times, Vidya Balan spoke about not working with her husband, producer Siddharth Roy Kapur. She said, “Sidharth does a great job as a producer. I think saath mein kaam nahi karein toh accha hai (it’s better we don’t work together). I get passionately involved in my work. I start taking everything personally. So, then, you might see that we are having fights at home. I think it (their home) will become a war zone. I marvel at couples who work together. I can’t imagine that. I personally feel it’s healthy if you don’t.”

Drawing a line
Vidya, as experts agree, is right. Consultant psychiatrist, Ambrish Dharmadhikari says that when it comes to a bond that is both personal and professional, it is possible that one person crosses boundaries and hurts the sentiment of the other.

At the same time, Dharmadhikari says that keeping both relationships apart helps, but good communication and honesty is important. He says, “Friends or people in relationships, who work professionally should learn to accept difference of opinion in an open manner. They should keep professional matters out of the personal domain. Trust is important in making such relationships work. Trust helps such people in an unbiased way.”
Relationship expert, Riddhish Maru says, “People who are friends or partners with someone they share a professional relationship with know each other’s nature, strength and weaknesses. So, if your partner, with whom you are having differences, is also your boss, you don’t have an option but to adhere to his or her diktats. But, if it’s the other way around, both the concerned people will have to keep their egos aside and find an amicable solution to their differences.”

Playing it safe
On the other hand, since you are friends or in a relationship with a person you have to deal with professionally, you may not want to portray that all is not well between the two of you. What do you do in such a situation? Dharmadhikari says, “To deal with these issues before they go out of hand, one should look for signs such as avoiding each other, fighting over trivial issues, bringing personal matters in the profession sphere or vice versa, using professional or personal advantage to win arguments and taking office fights home or to office.”

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