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Just for the lust of it

Your favourite pastime - chatting on the net- comes with hazardous consequwnces. Dr Sanjoy Mukerji dwells on some of them.

sex and relationships Updated: Aug 22, 2013 11:24 IST

Internet chatting, dating and cyber sex are the new age hazards. While some have met their soul mates on the net, a few have been led astray . Kamal Rohra, a 35-year-old man, wanted to meet me desperately Actually, it was his sister-in-law, Asha Khanna, who wanted to see me. She was his wife’s younger sister.

Sensing the urgency in his tone, I met them the same evening.

Love on the net According to Kamal, Asha had major mood swings. She was an engineering student who lived in Kolhapur. She was a bright and beautiful 22-year-old girl. Like most youngsters, she was a regular in Internet chat rooms and had made lots of friends online.

One of her chat mates was Ganesh Achari, a 27-year-old man. Over a period of time, they fell in love. One day Asha just quit , her studies and eloped with him.

They got married in a temple after which they even went on a honeymoon. Her parents were worried. There was a wild hunt for her. A couple of weeks passed before the two were found in Ooty . Asha refused to return home. Kamal convinced Asha’s parents that he would persuade her to.

Sure enough, he escorted her to Mumbai in a few days. The family was against Asha’s marriage and wanted her to get over it. She would stay for a few weeks in her sister’s house.

Lust only: Kamal admitted that he’d always been attracted to Asha, particularly her body He lost no opportunity to touch her. His wife, Sheetal, was very beautiful but he found Asha physically attractive.

He was worried about how she would react to his advances. One day the opportunity presented itself when Sheetal went out to a relative’s house, leaving the two of them alone.

He seduced her and ultimately forced her into sex. Kamal justified himself by insisting he’d just wanted to help Asha by diverting her thoughts away from Ganesh. He thought Ganesh was only using her.

Lessons learnt After studying their cases, I felt Asha was a victim of lust in both cases. Her affair with Ganesh had some element of love. But in Kamal’s case it was pure lust.

Asha denied consenting to his actions but it was evident that she’d wanted some kind of physical intimacy if not sexual intercourse. Asha loved her sister and felt very guilty. She felt a sense of betrayal towards Ganesh. I treated her for a couple of weeks.

That Asha can get back with Ganesh seems doubtful now. When her family called him over for a chat, he’d seemed quite reluctant. Asha is completing her studies now. She’s disillusioned but happy with the lessons life has taught her.

First Published: Apr 26, 2007 13:15 IST