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Oh brother!

Nikhil Taneja talks about a different kind of relationship between brothers, who unlike sisters don't laugh and cry together. Read on...

sex and relationships Updated: Nov 05, 2008 13:51 IST
Nikhil Taneja
Nikhil Taneja
Hindustan Times

The relationship between brothers is awkward, unlike between sisters, who laugh and cry together and hug each other at every occasion. Generally, brothers don’t go beyond “What’s up?,” followed by few abuses. The younger brothers generally have few nice things to say about their elder brothers who bully them through their growing years.

Deep affection
The elder brothers find the younger ones irritating and reduce them to punching bags. They hardly display emotions for each other... except unbounded joy when one chances upon a dirty secret of the other. Yet, brothers share tremendous affection for each other. They seldom express it though. It’s not considered a very ‘guy thing’ to do. I’ve known quite a few bhai logs over the years. One of the elder brothers I know forgets that his younger bro and he studied in the same college. I’ve also seen a chhota bhai clueless about his elder brother’s mobile number. On the other hand, once an elder brother spoke to me for hours about how his brother made him proud. Once, I accompanied a friend to three cities to hunt for the perfect gift for his elder brother’s birthday.

All this done.. but I’ve seen that brothers, elder or younger, don’t want to reveal their extra emotional side. They choose to look blissfully ignorant and avoid going through male bonding.

My little bro
I have a younger brother. A major part of my life has been spent in being the over-protective big B. Being an extrovert, I’ve never shied away from pulling his cheeks. He hasn’t taken that well. I also know that my little bro has his own little issues about expressing his fondness for me. He has beaten the living daylights out of someone who called me names.

Yet, he had to be dragged to the phone when I wanted to speak with him from my out-station college. He hasn’t moved into my spacious room after I moved out to live in a college hostel. He wanted to preserve it, but every time I’d want to hug him before a flight, he’d make a disgusted face.

Despite all this, my brother and I are friends. I changed when I attained adolescence. Once, I played cricket with him, we wrestled at home. After some years, I suddenly started hanging out with guys my age. My brother wondered what had caused the change. He even tried to run through my personal diaries and chats to figure this out. I considered this as an invasion of my privacy and often screamed at him. When he came into his own and I matured, I realised that he had always wanted to be my friend. But since I had let him down once, he wasn’t interested in being friends with me.

Friends again
To win him over, I started confiding in him about my crushes and the kind of secrets which I could never tell my parents. He finally forgave me for those years I had treated him as a lesser mortal, and became my friend once again. My brother is studying in Dubai now. He has forced me to buy him a new SIM card which will allow him to talk to me at reduced rates. He wants to talk to me at least twice a week. Sometimes, he is still the pesky little kid. But well, he’s also my best friend.