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Posh, Becks married for a decade!

The decade long relationship has witnessed flings, babies, mansions and ever changing hairstyles and it has not always been smooth sailing for the celeb couple...

sex and relationships Updated: Jul 06, 2009 10:44 IST

Now that David Beckham and his wife Victoria have spent a decade together, experts have given their take on the happily married couple.

The decade long relationship has witnessed flings, babies, mansions and ever changing hairstyles, according to News of the World columnist Carole Malone.

The soccer star has not lost his charm over the years, while Posh from the famous band Spice Girls is still chewing on past glory and cuddling with one of the most adorable men in the world.

However, it always hasn’t been smooth sailing for the celebrity couple. Their relationship hit the lowest point when the English footballer was linked with his assistant Rebecca Loos after leaving Manchester United for Real Madrid.

Mark Frith, author of The Celeb Diaries says that it only strengthened their relationship, “But it has ultimately made them stronger as a couple. Victoria could have dumped him and walked away but that didn't happen.”

But Carole Malone disagrees; she believes that the pop star wife only proved her weakness and total dependence on the soccer super star.

She writes: “At the height of the furore over Rebecca Loos, Posh was able to appear in public smiling, pouting, and hanging onto her husband's arm whilst gazing adoringly into his eyes. What she said and did to him in private, who knows? But to the outside world - the only one that's ever mattered to Posh - she insisted on a united front. Because it wasn't just her marriage at stake here, it was her public image.”

Meanwhile, Beckham kept on seeing success on the field silencing his critics.

Frith says, “He was heavily criticised for going to Los Angeles to play for what was viewed as an inferior team. He was seen as coasting, wanting to see out his days in the Hollywood environment. But then he took on possibly the biggest challenge of his career, moving to AC Milan on loan, and made it a huge success.

“He reinvented himself yet again, proved his critics wrong and got himself back in the England team.”

About the two being a different combination in contrast to most Hollywood stars, The Celeb Diaries adds: “They were a real breath of fresh air, different from the sulky Hollywood film stars who moaned that they were only in it for their art.”