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Why, God, why? 6 most annoying people you meet online

Welcome to the intriguing world of the social media. This platform was created to connect with the world. Unfortunately, some people have a talent to abuse this limited space and makes us cry out loud, ‘why, God, why?

sex and relationships Updated: May 27, 2017 17:03 IST
Abhinav Verma
Abhinav Verma
Hindustan Times
Social media,Annoying People,Twitter
Social media was created to connect with the world. Unfortunately, some people have a talent to abuse this limited space and makes us cry out loud, ‘why, God, why? (HT Photo)

Welcome to the intriguing world of the social media. This platform was created to connect with the world. Unfortunately, some people have a talent to abuse this limited space and makes us cry out loud, ‘why, God, why? What did I do to deserve this’. Ingenious in their ability to make us cringe, these talented folks fry our brains to the core. Be it their tweets, posts or uploads, they makes us wish that they get fined by the social media police soon. If you happen to be one of them, redeem yourself by following our netiquette guide.

1The vaguebookers
Vaguebooking refers to putting up a status about a specific person or thing, but with no specific details. Statuses such as “Can’t tell you what happened today! You will not believe!” are like a cry for attention. The best way to make yourself unpopular is to go on vaguebooking.

2The troll masters
Troll masters are the most annoying breed on social media. Their excessive trolling shows how idle and immature they are. It’s like seeing a bunch of whiny kids fighting in the classroom. They have a special talent to turn every mole into Mount Everest. Every status, post or a picture is an opportunity for them to start a never-ending war. Words such as ‘cultured’ and ‘classy’ do not exist in their dictionary.

3The meme addicts
Just like the emoji freaks, these kind of people love to talk in memes. It doesn’t really matter if you are making an effort to have a conversation, ask a question or share something meaningful. This person will only reply to you by posting memes! And if you are silent, this person won’t even get it that you are annoyed. He will fire memes, and more of them. Replying in memes is a cardinal sin. We all went to college, and we all got ourselves educated, but such actions make people question, was our education really worth it?

4The emoji freak
Emojis are okay to use once in a while, but those who resort to firing all sorts of emojis all the time are just too much for us to bear. It’s like announcing the death of language. Have some self- respect, and use words instead of emojis, for God’s sake. And if you still don’t get it bro, you truly deserve the punch emoji!

5The beggars and barterers
If you are pleading and begging all the time for likes and shares, please realise that this is just not classy. You can do it once in a while if you think there is something truly worth being shared, that’s okay. But if you habitually ask friends for reposts and likes, it is bad manners. If your friend likes your post, they would have liked it anyway. So have some sharam, and refrain from going about raising charity for your post.

6The Smoasters
Hate them or love them, but you can’t ignore them! They believe they have the best looks/car/house/dog/phones and abs, and they go on boasting about it all on social media. They are what you call THUNDERBORE! They indulge in shameless self-praise without any inhibition, and God forbid, if you miss one of their post or forget to like or comment, you are doomed. “Hey, didn’t you like it enough to like it?”, they ask.

1) Be nice, be kind: Everything you do on the internet is a reflection of you. Being a douchebag is easy, but being cultured requires effort. So while putting up a status, don’t be obnoxious. Just do a quick gut check and question yourself if you really want to post it. Remember, nobody wants to be associated with negativity.
2) No judgement zone: You are here to meet new people, to connect. So when you start a conversation, don’t be quick to assume or judge. Nor should you impose your opinions. Bigotry will not make you popular.
3) Profile picture please: If you’re putting yourself out there on social media, then you might as well put up a decent picture. No pictures of you holding that python in your hand. On the other hand, no profile picture at all makes it seem like a fake profile.
4) Avoid the social media war: There is always some kind of argument going on or mean comments flying here and there. There is always someone provoking us into a social media battle. Therefore it’s easy to trip into such battles. Prevent yourself from falling into this trap by avoiding it altogether. However, if someone is causing real damage to your reputation, respond with a simple factual response. And if need be, block that person.

Bloggers share social media pet peeves:
* People who go on tagging everyone in their friend list in random posts or their pics in the hope of getting more likes and shares should know that it is the most annoying thing on social media. It is ridiculous, and certainly very bad manners
Subarna Sadhu, blogger

* Everyone has an opinion about every single thing — trivial or important. It is annoying to see a newsfeed full of statuses and posts on feminism and politics that just make no sense whatsoever. People should post more sensibly, and realise that the internet is a public space, not their daily agenda diary
Shagun Tomar, lifestyle blogger

* Tagging the whole world on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or CCing BCCing in a mass e-mail is not cool. It’s not communication, it’s spamming. And spammers must go straight to spam folder or ignored. Craft personalised e-mails if you really want a reply
Dimpy Kapoor, fashion blogger

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