You don't have to be SRK to woo a girl! Just avoid these five blunders

Want to impress her on the first date, but don't know how. Here are some lifesaving tips to ensure that you do not blunder on that oh-so-special first date.

sex and relationships Updated: Mar 13, 2015 19:08 IST
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Want to impress her on the first date, but don't know how.

Here are some lifesaving tips to ensure that you do not blunder on that oh-so-special first date:

Land up late: Keep her waiting, thinking she will call you, or she'll know how genuinely busy you were finishing that prized assignment. Friend, be ready to bear her wrath that could have alife-long impact.
Expert's take: Getting late is bound to get you negative marking. Arrive 5 min early, open the door for her, show her that chivalry is not dead.

Jai Mata Di: Talk about your mom non-stop, tell her that she can put France's leading bakery to shame with her croissants, start counting the beauty trophies she brought home as a young woman, and tell her how you stop breathing if you don't get her good morning SMS when you travel off-shore. While you think it's all so cute, your girlfriend might like to differ.
Expert's take: Talk about the women in your life only when asked. Don't present an idealistic image.

Play the gabru jawan: Pull on that skin clinging T-shirt to ensure that your bulging biceps scream to burst out of it (and guarantees a good display to your moobs, if you have any), jazz it up with all those cool spiked bracelets and chains, and wear as many rings as your fingers can carry. Finish off by wrapping yourself in perfume head to toe that announces your entry much before you do. Friend, she would like to see you in Louvre Museum, Paris rather than her chat list.
Expert's take: Don't try too hard, or else you will fall flat. Put together your look wisely. Dressing to impress makes one look ridiculous. A date is about showcasing your individuality, not your outré clothes.

Indulge in theatrics: Put everything you learnt from reality TV to good use and get into some serious antics. Jump on the table à la Tom Cruise to declare your affections, or break into an Arijit Singh song loudly in the middle of the meal, or turn to the guy on the next table to ask 'isn't she the prettiest girl around'. Expect disaster, ranging from the girl blocking you on FB to planting a blow on your nose.
Expert's take: Humour is great but know where to draw the line. Embarrassing your date is not a good idea. Be mellow while expressing your emotions.

Yak yak: Talk about yourself non-stop, reveal everything right from the death of your pet dog to how you cracked your ex's password. To top it off, don't ask her anything about her life, take countless selfies and tweet your dates live #Imondate#itsaboutme#. Being a self obsessed selfie clicking guy will ensure that you always stay single, spend your time watching TV, wondering about a love life that could have been.
Expert's take: Rather than being your own PR, give your date the chance to talk, let her open up, and try and get to know her better.

(Inputs by relationship expert Jai Madan & Psychologist Pulkit Sharma)

First Published: Mar 13, 2015 18:58 IST